I'll introduce myself :)

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I'll introduce myself :)

I lurked a bit while DH and I were TTC and even asked a couple questions but I figure I should just come out and introduce myself. Smile I'm Alexandria (Alex for short) and DH is Adam. We have one daughter, Callie, who was born August 2007 in a hospital. I had an induced labor (by choice) and an epi (by choice). After 9 months off BC and 8 months of TTC we're happy to be expecting our second child mid-November. This time around though I'm planning a home water birth and I'll be using HypnoBabies. I just got my home study kit in the mail today so I'm looking forward to getting a head start on it!

So far I've interviewed with two midwives in the area and I have one more this Thursday and my last one a week from Saturday. I will still be going to an OB because that was DH and my compromise to having a HB. I still am unsure if I'm going to try and find a doula since money will be an issue there since I have a feeling DH won't want to help me out during labor, he's actually said he will watch DD instead. :rolleyes:

Anyways I'm excited to be able to follow you all and I'm always a sucker for some awesome birth stories.

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hi Alex :wavehello:

So happy for you guys!! HH9M!

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**Waving** Can't wait to get to know you!!

Yay, another Hypno-Mommy Biggrin

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I didn't hire a doula for my planned homebirth because 2 MW's came during labor - so one acted more as my doula, and the other did all the dopplar checks etc. This time I'm going to a hospital (no other choice) - and I did hire a doula.
Enjoy your pregnancy!

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Welcome! HH9M!

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Hi Alex!! So nice to see you over here too!

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Hi Alex! Looking forward to following your journey:-)

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Hi! Hope you have a HH9M!!

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Hi Alex! Congratulations!

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It's so nice to meet you! Welcome from another newbie! :wavehello:

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I'm in a similar place. DH not totally on-board, doula is expensive. Look at what your insurance covers. Some cover only hospital births, some cover birth centers as well. I know home births are less covered. If you are set on doing it at home, then I think a MW will be enough for you. She will be there with you and will coach you. Like Jodi said, if the hospital is the only route you can afford due to what's covered, then it may be worth shelling out the $ for the doula.

I am also going to do the hypnobabies thing--got to order that asap.

I know you can find the right balance and one that is affordable.

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Hi Alex! I am also due in November. I am fortunate enough to live less than 10 minutes away from a fabulous birth center, otherwise I would be doing a homebirth as well.
I didn't do Hypnobabies with my other births, but I have heard lots of great things about it. Best of luck to you!

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I started out this pregnancy with a very medical OB and am now in the same boat as ksmiles--we have a wonderful birth center here that I'm taking advantage of, but otherwise I'd be looking at homebirth at this point. The more I learn, the more passionate about this NCB thing I get!

Welcome to the board Biggrin

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Yeah, I'd feel more comfortable the baby at home than I would in a birth center, plus the "closest" one is over an hour away and I'd rather not be in traffic or on the freeway in labor. Blum 3 Luckily my insurance will cover both the expenses, since we have a high deductible ($5K) it'll be met with going to both. Unfortunately the Doula isn't covered but maybe I'll find a "set" of MWs that will allow one to act as a Doula and then bill it all as a MW package expense, otherwise I'll be having to make a bunch of diapers and all those proceeds will go towards my Doula Fund. Lol

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Holy cow Alex, that is a high deductible. So yeah, the homebirth will not be any more expensive so you should totally go for it. I think your MW will be able to take care of all your needs. Often, they suggest hiring a doula for homebirths to take care of other children in the home. If DH is more comfortable taking that role, then doula is not necessarily needed. The only glitch in terms of Cali is that DH is going to want to be with you when you are pushing and when baby is born and Cali may get frightened. Are you going to ask your mom to come as well?

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DH has no wish to be there really, haha, if he had it his way he wouldn't even be home. I was thinking about having my mom come but then it would be an added stressor so I'll have her come up the following day. I'm going to probably just pay for the Doula myself, they have payment plans and I'll probably have a bunch of "sales" more of a all proceeds go towards my doula fund and I'll probably ask my grandma if she would be willing to help, or let me do stuff around her house to "work" for the money.

I wouldn't mind if Callie was there for the pushing part since she's fascinated by water and the fact of a baby "swimming in the water," as she said when we watched a youtube waterbirth video together. Plus by that time she'll be a little over 3 years old and will be more mature than she is right now. I might have my MIL come up, since she doesn't stress me out one bit and I know she'd be more than happy to watch Callie if needed if DH decides he does want to participate.

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We talked about kids at births during my Doula course. Our instructor said that from experience, she recommends dedicating one adult per child under about 12. They are only there for that one child and don't have any other responsibilities or concerns that may take them away. That way if the child becomes distressed, they can help them and no one has to worry about someone having divided attention.

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I just wanted to say welcome and congrats on your pregnancy. I did hypnobabies for my DS's birth 2 weeks ago, and it was awesome.