I'm back again!

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I'm back again!

Just found out I'm PG again! Due date Aug 25.

Planning another backyard home birth with the MW in the hot tub!

The MW said she's going on holiday for 1.5w of August, though, so I hope baby can hold on until she's back.

For that reason, I hope it's a girl... Ivy was on her due date, whereas both Reed and Leo came 2w2d and 3w early!

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Yippee! I'm so glad I have you to live vicariously through! Really, with the speed of your labors, is there any alternative to your beautiful backyard births? Wink You make me want a hot tub!

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Yes, you make me want a hot tub too!
How exciting! Congrats!!!

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Oh yeah, after Leo's birth I almost bought a hot tub, just in case I got pregnant again Smile No joke, your birth story was amazing!!! And yay, we get to share a BB!!!

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Congrats on your pregnancy! Hoping that you get another princess!

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