I'm a little freaked out

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I'm a little freaked out

I think I need some moral support. I'm 26 weeks today, so I know there's plenty of time for this change, but I'm nervous about this baby not wanting to settle in to a head down position. He flips around from head down, breech, to transverse, and back again, sometimes several times a day (I can feel and see him do it). He seems to favor transverse at the moment which FREAKS me out. Obviously breech isn't good either. I didn't experience this with my daughter- she was head down pretty much through the entire pregnancy. I'm just really scared that I won't even get my chance at a VBAC. If I end up with another c-section after a trial of labor I know I'll be upset about it, but at least I will have done everything I possibly could have for a natural birth. If I get risked out because of baby's position and don't even get to try, I really don't know how I'm going to handle it. I'm just really scared. I've been on the spinning babies site and I've started doing the exercises (I figure it can't hurt, even though it's still pretty early). I'm trying to do everything I can to help him decide to go head down (and stay there). Anyway, I'm just feeling really panicky about it.

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My dd was breech until 34 weeks and I had an OB that didn't even give me tips on how to spin her, she was all about c-section. But dd flipped on her own while I was sleeping, for no reason it seems like, she was perfectly content being breech the whole pregnancy.

I'm not far behind you and I feel my lo go transverse sometimes. As long as they are still able to flip around I wouldn't worry at all. If towards the end your lo does stay breech, I've also heard you can try doing handstands in a pool (a lady at my church just flipped her baby doing that).

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you still have a lot of time, and obviously if the baby is flipping so much, there is still a lot of room in there. The head is the heaviest part of the baby, and as it grows, gravity should help it stay down, and when the baby gets bigger, there won't be room for it to flip constantly. Try not to worry too much until you see how things are when you get a little further along.

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My DD was breech until 40 weeks, when she flipped! There is time. But I totally understand your nervousness and concern, especially as you are going for a VBAC! I would say, try to get into a better place emotionally about it, and do the spinning babies things as much as you want and wait. I will pray for you.

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I could have written this last year (in fact, I think I did...)! I was super nervous really early too, as my LO seemed to be transverse a lot...but they didn't even start checking me for that until 34 weeks or so, and when they did, it turned out she was actually head down--just doing something weird with her butt and legs that made it feel like she was transverse. (I'm quite sure she was actually transverse sometimes, but not as much as I thought). Throughout the end of my pregnancy, I kept being convinced she was transverse and I'd go in for a check and she would be head down. The midwife would show me how to feel it, and then I would never be able to recreate it at home. I was nervous until the end but there was no reason--she was head down and came out au natural just fine.


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I'm a little stressed about the same thing. This baby spends all of his time footling breech or transverse. I'm not sure he's ever head down. My midwife told me not to worry until 34 weeks, but it freaks me out anyway. Good luck with your little one turning and staying put!

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I had my 33-week appointment yesterday, and my midwife said that it is just nw at 33-34 weeks that they start looking for baby to flip down and stay that way.

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I had a similar fear with each of my vbac babies, and sure enough, each of them were transverse/breech right up until 36/37 weeks or so. It made me feel better to know that only around 3% or so are still breech at full term. Even at 32 weeks, a quarter of them still aren't head down.

So chances are, baby will turn in the head down position for you, it's just a matter of time. It also never hurts to do some research on breech birth as a variation of normal.

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DD was transverse until about 36 weeks last time, and then flipped just fine. I wouldn't be too worried at this point. No harm in doing handstands though! Smile

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Thanks for all your responses! It's one of those things that I know I shouldn't be worried about, but I am anyway. It's nice to know that I'm not alone, and that babies do flip the way they're supposed to! I am really trying to relax about it. I figure me being stressed out isn't going to help anything! I appreciate the moral support :-).

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I'm as far along as you guys & my little guy is all over the place as well. Some of mine were calmer & head down by now, but others were more active like this one. All eventually went head down - my 4th son didn't go head down unti nearly 38 weeks - but thankfully decided to 'go twoards the light' lol Wink It's hard sometimes to not worry, I can understand completley. I work a lot with visualizations and that seems to really help, I also talk to my babies. I know that may sound funny but I know they hear me - they may know not my words but they know my emotions Smile