I'm sure this has been done before... but...
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Thread: I'm sure this has been done before... but...

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    Default I'm sure this has been done before... but...

    I want to know two things...

    1) how did your pregnancies compare symptom wise, and does there seem to be any correlation to what you had (boy/girl)?

    The reason I ask is that I have had an almost symptom-less pregnancy as compared to my first with this second so far, and therefore everyone is saying, 'It's a boy! It's a boy!' I'm not going to find out, and it doesn't really matter (I'd love another girl to have sister close in age, but, a boy would be fine too)... but I'd like to hear if you had distinctly different or similar pregnancy symptoms based on what gender you were carrying. Just for fun.

    And 2) When did you deliver each of your babies?

    I went at 39w2d with my DD (and as a NCB-minded FTM, I was SO ready to go to 41w at least, it really took us by surprise!), and I keep thinking I'll probably go early again... BUT, my SIL delivered her first naturally at 38w, and then her second naturally at 42w, so I keep reminding myself that going early once is no guarantee!

    Again, this is really just for fun, to hear how it's been for other women!
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    DD1 was a reasonably calm pregnancy up until delivery. And I labored 12 hours before begging for the epidoral. I wasn't progressing. Even with Pitocin. My body just isn't built for baby delivery according to what the nurses told me. So I think at that point I was thoroughly fed up with the process.

    So far with DD2 my pregnancy seems to be the exact opposite of the first pregnancy. Both girls, so I am not sure if I would hold much faith in the wives tales. I have symptoms that I never had with DD1 and am on more meds. Plus I got HUGE this time, and last time I had a flat stomach with absolutely no stretch marks up until I went over due.

    DD1 was almost a month over due, which I blame very poor attention from the doctor on. Every time I went in for 3 weeks towards the end he insisted I was 38 weeks, how do you be 38 weeks for 3 weeks?

    Wishing you the best of luck on your bundle of joy!

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    1) how did your pregnancies compare symptom wise, and does there seem to be any correlation to what you had (boy/girl)?

    My boy pregnancies were symptom free but for cramping very early in PG and heartburn. My boys were much more active in utero than my daughter. I gained more weight with my boys (35 and probably almost 40 with my 3rd) vs only 27 with my DD. I know that they say that girls steal your beauty, but found that I looked and felt best when carrying a girl vs a boy. My daughter I felt more nauseous, though that could be because I was nursing such a little baby so frequently, not sure. I was bigger and way higher with my boys, my DD was low like a bowling ball (though that could be as it was such a close pregnancy to my first). With my boys my linea negra went all the way up to my ribs, with DD it stopped at my belly button. My boys both had huge heads and very long troublesome deliveries, my DD flitted right out. I felt sure what I was having with each baby, though we never found out, and I was right each time.

    And 2) When did you deliver each of your babies?

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    Both pregnancies were similar with symptoms but they were stronger/worse with DD. That could have been because I was chasing a little baby around though!

    I delivered DS at 38w4d and DD at 38w3d. DS was a SROM to start labor with about 6 hours of hard back labor and 2 hours of pushing and DD was a very gradual labor for 5 hours, then hard labor for 3 hours and 10 minutes of pushing, AROM and then another 10 minutes of pushing. DD's labor was slightly longer in hours, but much easier on my body.

    Going early is no guaranttee, that's for sure, but there are some women that always go early, you could be one of them. My MW thinks I am as I seem to bake my babies fast, they come out with fast labors and no issues on arrival. When we decide to have #3 I honestly will expect to go around 38 weeks.

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    My first two pregnancies were fairly similar abut this one was so different. I was nauseated up until about 20 weeks, with my other two it vanished first week in the second tri, and I was so tired with this one. Like could hardly function. I also gained weight different, not faster or slower, it was just different. With all of that I thought for sure it was a girl, especially with me being so anemic. But it's another boy as far as we know, either that or a REALLY tricky girl. lol.

    My first I delivered at 41 weeks-induced so I have no idea how long I would have gone before finally going into labor on my own. My second was born at 39 weeks 2 days. I'm trying to prepare my mind to go late again and ignore my feeling that I will go early because I know anything can happen.
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    My pregnancies have been fairly similar.

    sick - very sick from within a few days of getting a BFP. #1 sick until 9 months #2 sick until 20 weeks

    cravings - could hardly eat anything #1. I think I lived on orange juice, peanuts, pineapple and pretzels. This time no food aversions.

    spotting - #1 light spotting for weeks 7-9 SCH diagnosis. #2 heavy bleeding weeks 6-11 no known reason

    movement #2 was way more active and would wake me up

    blood pressure #1 I had very low BP issues weeks 22-32

    weight gain - almost exactly the same week by week. I took measurements and they were pretty close.

    DD1. 41w3d labour 8 hours; 20 minutes of pushing

    DD2 33w5d water broke at 33 weeks. 90 minutes of labour, 1 push
    DD1 July 2008 (41w3d)
    November 2010 (13 weeks)
    DD2 August 2011 (33w5d)

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    1. All of my pregnancies have been pretty much the exact same. All I have had about zero symtoms. I have a boy and a girl and #3 is a surprise (although I have the feeling it is a girl)

    2. With my first I went into labor at 39weeks 3 days, like you I was SHOCKED as I really expected to go over. With #2 I was 40weeks, 2 days, and it acutally felt like I was 42 weeks! Foolishly I expected to be early again so going past my due date just sucked! This time I fully expect to go to 41 weeks so I hope I can be very calm at the end and not even think about it! My advice would be to keep telling your self you are going to go to at least 41 weeks!
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    I have one girl & one boy. Both of my pregnancies were pretty much symptom free -- no nausea or heartburn or any of the other usual stuff -- although with Weston I suffered from burping & stinky feet the whole time. I knew Tiven was a girl from the start; with Weston I was hoping for a girl but not really surprised he was a boy.

    I gained a bit less weight with Weston but I was carrying him in a way that made my belly look bigger. Tiven was kind of all around my middle, Weston was all out front. I got no stretch marks with Tiven except for a few after my EDD; I got lots of them with Weston & I also got a linea negra with him that I didn't have with her.

    With Tiven, I went to 42 weeks with no labor. I had three sets of three contractions each in the last week, that was it. Nine contractions. She was an emergency c-section after a cord compression that, thankfully, occured while I was at the hospital being monitored because I was overdue & had low amniotic fluid earlier in the day.

    With Weston, I started having some practice contractions around 37 or 38 weeks, which absolutely delighted me! I went into labor at 40 weeks 6 days, and I was in labor for three days so he was born at 41 weeks 1 day.
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    I'm pregnant with my 5th and so far I've got 2 boys and 2 girls.

    With the boys, I was sicker. More nausea. More fatigue. I'm guessing this one is a boy.

    With the girls, I felt pretty good.

    I get wicked heartburn with all of them

    I carry them all the same. Right out front, so that you can't tell I'm pregnant from the back.

    As for due dates, officially I've been:
    DS1 41 weeks
    DD1 40 weeks 2 days (but this was an u/s edd, she looked earlier)
    DS2 40 weeks
    DD2 38 weeks 3 days (totally took me by surprise!)

    So, I suspect the trend is actually girls earlier than the boys.

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    I have a girl and then 2 boys. My first 2 pregnancies were mostly alike (easy!). Third one was the hardest. I had symptoms with my first DS that I blamed on his male hormones in my body (severe excema) which I never had with my second DS. So there was absolutely no correlation between gender and pregnancy symptoms for me!

    Gestations they were born at:

    DD - 39w5d
    DS1 - 38w2d
    DS2 - 35w4d

    My body seems to cut pregnancy shorter every time. Means we most likely won't have any more kids. We're just not comfortable taking the chance that we will end up with a very premature baby next time around.

    DD July 2006
    DS August 2008
    DS November 2011


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