I'm thinking he is more on board!!!

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I'm thinking he is more on board!!!

Last night I was talking to DH about the next birth pointing out that it may only be a few more months before we start trying to conceive again. Might being the big word there. lol. We will for sure wait till after next February to start though. Anyway, I was telling him my feelings about doing another hospital birth even with the midwives up in timp and told him I really don't feel comfortable about it. Everytime I think about it it makes my skin crawl and makes me very un-easy and so I try thinking of maybe going back to my OB and delivering with her again and it's like my thoughts are just gone. That's all I can think of is just going back with my OB and that's it, but when I think of doing a home birth with a midwife I get so excited and feel SOOOO at peace with it, it just feels right. He actually responded with the exact same feelings! Last I heard from him was he didn't want to think about it or talk about it any more so it came to me as a complete surprise that he had been thinking about it. I then told him that I would fight hard to get our insurance, we find out next month if it will change or stay the same, but if I couldn't get them to cover a home birth we would have to pay out of pocket. He didn't really respond other than a very calm and surrendering "I know". So there is a very great possibility I may get my home birth after all even if we have to pay for all of it! Smile

I think one thing that may have helped him start leaning towards the home birth even if we have to pay for it is, the other day while at home depot the guy in line behind us got talking to us about the cost of birth, his was nearly $10,000 for a hospital birth, completely natural, no complications, nothing, and he even caught the baby while the doctor just stood there and watched him. He then went on to say that if you ever get the chance to catch your own baby do it because it's the greatest gift a parent could get. DH has wanted to catch the baby sense DS1 was born but my doctor wouldn't allow it because the cord was wrapped around the boys necks. But the midwife that's close to us, I finally got a hold of her, said that she prefers to let mother or father do things and let it be as natural, and hands off, as possible. She is mainly there to watch for things if they go wrong. So DH would be more than welcome to catch baby. Smile I'm excited. I just hope DH doesn't end up changing his mind again.

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"kridda_88" wrote:

but when I think of doing a home birth with a midwife I get so excited and feel SOOOO at peace with it, it just feels right. .

This is exactly how I feel about it too. And its so hard to describe this feeling to other people. Its great that your DH feels the same way!
I hope that you are able to get the birth that you really want, next time around. Its fantastic that you two are talking about it now, before you even TTC!

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that's great, Krista! I'm sure the finances will get worked out one way or another.

My DH is not interested in catching a baby...I'd be interested in catching my own baby, but it depends on what position I'm in how possible that is Smile my OB caught DS, but I reached down and grabbed him after his shoulders were out and pulled him the rest of the way up onto me...I don't think my OB knew I was going to do that, hehe...

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Woohoo! That is great news! I love it when things come together!