Interesting clip for breastfeeding in public

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Interesting clip for breastfeeding in public

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Haha at first I was thinking, man that guy is a really bad actor (before they said it was actors doing it). I had no idea that there were those three states where it was illegal.

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"CaBlondie918" wrote:

Haha at first I was thinking, man that guy is a really bad actor (before they said it was actors doing it).

Me, too!!! (Once they said that, I gave the clip itself more credit but jeez...that guy is STILL a really bad actor! Lol

Glad SOME people spoke up. Pretty horrifying how judgmental so many still are.

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Yeah, the guy was a bad actor.

I think the fact that 57% of people disapprove of public breastfeeding is pretty sad. The woman on the clip who said she has 2 children and she wouldn't NIP must have either not breastfed or not breastfed very long. Making a mother separate herself from other people while she is breastfeeding can cause her to feel chronically isolated and it makes breastfeeding seem like a burden and can cause her to start to develop some resentment about it. Women who breastfeed for a long time (I BFed DD for just under 19 months) are usually ones who find a way to do it anywhere. I think that as long as I am covered enough that I am comfortable (I don't always use a cover over the baby's head--I feel fine if I have as much skin covered as possible by my clothes), it shouldn't be a problem. Sometimes it is nice to duck into a quiet, private room to nurse, but we shouldn't feel like we have to.

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I had seen commercials for this show "What would you do?" that this clip is actually from...I think it airs tomorrow I knew it was fake.

I have been surprised at just how comfortable I am at NIP- I don't use a cover, I just do what I need to do. I haven't cared at all. And I totally have a come back prepared if anyone says anything to me- especially about going to a bathroom to do it- I'll respond, "Do you like eating in the bathroom?" Smile

I totally feel proud that maybe just maybe I might make a difference to someone somewhere- some little girl who sees me do it and therefore thinks it's cool, or some other woman who considers it because she sees me doing it.

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Wow, they were bad actors!
I have never seen that show, but the neighborhood they filmed in (Bay Ridge Brooklyn)is very close to me and it's a very odd neighborhood, I would not be surprised if more people there said they were uncomfortable. If they had filmed in my neighborhood, no one would bat an eye. People NIP in public all over here.

I am a very shy person, but I think I will probably NIP anyway, the same way I would eat where ever I was If I were hungry.

DH said he is uncomfortable at times, because he just isn't sure what to do... but he followed up by saying that it was his problem and that women who NIP are not at all in the wrong. He just doesn't know what he should do.

I'm disturbed by the fact that there are 3 states it is still illegal in and that 57% disapprove.

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I don't mind NIP though I do think in most situations I'd at least use a nursing cover. I think it'd be great if it wasn't needed but I don't think society is there yet, and frankly, I've been on the other side of someone NIP indiscreetly as everyone nearby figures out the appropriate/respectful way to handle it (suddenly everyone looks at the sky or their shoes). It isn't that everybody is bothered by it or disapproves, we just have such cultural subconscious mindsets of "oh, there's a boob, don't see that everyday, um, how do I handle this situation?"
Some women can pull it off without attracting any major attention, but I never mastered the discrete whipping-out-the-nipple-and-using-baby-to-block-the-view. With my long torso and tiny boobs I'm pretty exposed. And while I'm far from modest/shy, I don't want to make other people feel awkward unnecessarily.

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The other day I saw a Mom nursing somewhere using a cover. Honestly, I've never seen a nursing cover before...and I'm in my late 60s! I found it accentuated the fact that the mother was nursing. There was this huge tablecloth sized fabric in black & white that called out to everyone that something was being hidden. I think breast feeding is very subtle and natural when NOT fussing with a cover. Also, the baby was completely hidden...and as a Mom, that would annoy me terribly!

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I NIP and didn't start using a cover until DS hit about 9 months and started popping off the breast every time he heard an interesting sound. I never found comfortable nursing bras but I did find great nursing tank tops that I would wear under a shirt so there wasn't more than a couple inches of skin showing. I've never only ever gotten positive responses NIP but I have friends who live in Nebraska that have told me it is REALLY not acceptable there. Two of them gave up really early because they found it so difficult to nurse out of the home, it makes me sad.

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OMGosh...I know I am pg and all but that made me tear up a little.

If anyone F's with me about that they won't know what hit them.

Seriously...I would start off my saying "you go eat your lunch in the bathroom".

You know...and I get that it can be distracting and hard not to look and/or stare. It is something that you do not see every day, it IS someone private parts and it is just a cute thing. Wink But come on.

I do have a udder cover but I guess it would totally depend on exactly where I was at on if I would use it.

Also I cannot believe that first couple took the mgr's side.


It is a sad sad world!

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"gardenbug" wrote:

Also, the baby was completely hidden...and as a Mom, that would annoy me terribly!

I did get a cover that has boning built in to the top so you can look down and see the baby yourself/maintain eye contact but shield it from public view. I am sure I won't use it all the time, especially once I have some experience and am comfortable, but I can see situations in which it will be nice to have it. I'm pretty shy and I can't imagine not even having the option of covering up in public, especially if my baby pops off a lot like some do.

That said, I think that's entirely up to ME, NOT anyone else! There is nothing at all wrong with not covering up either, if you're comfortable with it.

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