I'm reading a really good written interview in my "Pathways" magazine with author, Joseph Chilton Pearce. I came across a section I thought you might enjoy.

Question: I understand that real bonding is only possible through prolonged and intimate contact between mother and infant.

Joseph: I wish the term "bonding" had not been invented. For one thing, it assumes that these two separate creatures must be brought together and a connection between them. In the natural scheme of things, no separation should have taken place, no connection broken. The point is to maintain the connection established in utero in the new post-uterine experience. The mother is the environment in both cases, and the so-called bonded infant simply discovers the re-discovery of the known, its mother, in a marvelous new setting. The mother is the environment, but now a moving one, in an expanded, infinitely open world to be embraced. The known moves into an exciting unknown. That stability must be maintained if the absorbent mind is to remain open and form new structures of knowledge of a vast new and benevolent world.

If the infant is suddenly removed from all his known structures, which are extensive and established in utero, and placed in isolation, as we have throughout this century, then all the genetically encoded programs for moving into the new world are seriously undermined, delayed and put at risk. The infant retreats to defensive posture against an alien world that has brought rejection, isolation and pain.

The whole article is soooo good. I wish I had time to type it all up because I really think you would enjoy it!! I might have to invest in some new books now I like his philosophy and think I would enjoy his books.