Into These Hands

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Into These Hands

Anyone read Into These Hands yet? I got it from Amazon in yesterday's mail and am really enjoying it so far. Very sobering, very inspiring.

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Yes! I loved it! One of my midwives is a contributing author Smile (Kip Kozlowski)

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Now I must add it to my "to do" and "to read" list-- sounds good.

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Yes! Only a little of it but it is wonderful.
My homebirth midwife (Maggie Bennett) is also a contributing author.

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I must admit I haven't ever heard of it... but will check it out!

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i'd never heard of it either. when i saw your post earlier today, i looked it up on amazon. looks really neat! and, how cool that several of us see MWs that contributed!

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It's sitting on my nightstand along with 3 other books I'm wanting to read. Can't wait to get 5 minutes of quiet to start it.