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Hi y'all.

My name is Stephanie, age 28. DH is Greg, age 31. I have 2 daughters from my late husband. DD1: Averi age 6 and DD2: Emma age 4

I used to be on years ago when I first fell pregnant with DD1 but I couldn't remember my pw and so decided to start anew - I've really enjoyed starting over!

I became remarried to DH, Greg on 5/4/13 (may the 4th be with you! star wars wedding).
My late husband insisted on my getting a tubal ligation after our 4 surprise pregnancies. (2 early losses and my 2DDs had "complicated" births)
DD1 had low amniotic fluid and was in distress so was born via c-section at 37 weeks.
DD2 was due less than 2 years before DD1 so my OB scared me into a repeat c-section.

Anyway...enough with the "negative"...Greg and I wanted to try to have our own little one together.
So on 7/19/13 I got my tubes untied and we started actively TTC.

Tomorrow will mark 8 weeks pregnant. I've got my midwife. I've already had my surgical records overlooked and I'm cut perfect for a VBAC attempt...We're going to be birthing at home! I can't wait!!

It'll be so nice to have support from other natural birthing mommas. I'm gonna need all the help I can get, I assume lol. Right now it's all about nausea and excitement.

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Wow...congratulations! What a road you've gone down to be here. I didn't even know a tubal ligation could be reversed.

Welcome and best wishes on an uncomplicated pregnancy and birth this time around...

pico83 (not verified)

congrats and welcome! I hope your pregnancy and delivery go smoothly.

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Hi Stephanie! Smile Glad to see another lady on the BN board! Looking forward to hearing more of your story and following your birth story down the road!

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I really thought I posted here yesterday, but it's not here. Anyways, welcome! Nice to see you here.

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Welcome! This will be an awesome board to receive support from! Feel free to ask any questions no matter how silly they may seem. HH9M!!!!

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Welcome! I look forward to chatting with you more and following your pregnancy and birth. Congrats and HH9M!

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Welcome, Stephanie!! HH9M!!

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Congrats and welcome!! Yay! More babies!

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:wavehello: Welcome to the board. Wishing you a smooth easy pregnancy and peaceful birth!