Intro from an overwhelmed mom dreaming of a homebirth

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Intro from an overwhelmed mom dreaming of a homebirth

Hi ladies! I'm Tina. Expecting my 6th baby in September. I had previously thought my kids' births were all natural, until I started reading about natural birth. I had one completely natural, due to arriving at the hospital just before baby crowned. With the others there were various hospital interventions: IV, cervix checks, pitocin, monitors... but no pain meds.
I am really hoping to have a homebirth this time, but I'm so overwhelmed about how to make it happen. I feel like I need a step by step manual! I'm afraid to call my insurance company because I've read that some midwives have to get creative with how they bill the care in order to receive payment, and I don't want to tip off the ins. co. I can't seem to find a simple list on the web of local midwives that do homebirths. I must not be googling the right things... ugh.
Any advice?

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When I looked for my HBMW I did search the internet, local mom resource books, and even called a few other midwives in other areas that helped to point me to someone closer to me. Most HBMWs will know other HBMWs in surrounding areas so if you can find one or 2 even somewhat close to you then they may know others. Also maybe check with your local ICAN chapter or LLL because they may have some ideas of MWs that do homebirth as well. Once you find one or a few in your general area (my closest was still 1 hour away so be open minded when you are thinking 'close') you can set up meetings with them and find out how they work with billing insurance and everything before you start as a client.

Then contact your insurance and see what % they will cover. My insurance played dumb but I was persistant and demanding and in the end my rep. had to do a little leg work and discovered that they actually could cover some of it. Mostly the people you talk to with the insurance co. dont really understand what you are doing when it comes to HB and have never dealth with those situations so they just say 'no' without really knowing what the real answers are. You may have to educate them a little and explain things but really all the work in the beginning is well worth it.

Hope that helps you a little. GL on your search!

BTW: I think there is an actual website or 2 where you can search HBMWs or MWs by state but I don't know what it is. Someone else here might have that info.

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Great advice from Joy!! You can also check with local chiropractors, accupuncturists, or naturopaths. Some of them have the inside scoop. Are there any natural birthing, "crunchy" type mom's groups? Even though you may not fit the exact mold (I don't know if you do or not Wink ), those women are sometimes a wealth of information. There are a couple of other websites like you can try, but I don't think I can list them openly.

ETA: Get a couple of MW contacts first and then ask them about the insurance. They will most likely have more specific information for you.

Google "Minnesota home birth" and a WHOLE bunch of links pop up (I just did it!)... MN Families for Midwifery, MN Birth, MN Doulas, etc. Doulas will most likely have a lot of inside info too.


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I don't have advice, but I wanted to say hi and welcome and congrats on baby #6!!

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Congrats! When I started researching HB, the first thing I did was dig out my big insurance manual that no one ever reads and found the section on childbirth and pregnancy. It said, to my utter surprise, that homebirth with a licensed midwife was covered. So I'd start by doing that and if that doesn't get you anywhere, I second talking to a couple MW in your area first, before contacting your insurance. The ones I talked to knew which insurance covered what. An experienced HB MW will know most of the answers you are looking for and can help guide you as far as your insurance goes.