Introducing myself!

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Introducing myself!

Hi ladies!

I added myself to the 'list' a couple of weeks ago, but i just haven't had the time to actually say hi yet! My work schedule is very overloaded, but I have a May 12th deadline, so things will calm down substantially after that!

Anyway, I'm Katie, married to DH, K. We have one little boy, C, who will be 2 in June! I can't believe it!

I used a traditional OB with DS as we lived in a small town with not many options. Had him in the hospital naturally (while begging for an epidural that thankfully never got placed!)

This time we are using a midwife and delivering in a freestanding birth center. I can't tell you how good it has been for us to make this decision! I am of course dealing with normal fears, and I had a partial abruption with DS, but was not determined to risk me out of the mw practice. Mostly just looking forward to being able to work through the pain on my terms...not tied to a bed!

We found out a couple of weeks ago we are having another little boy and are so excited! I think we have his name picked out too, which I'll share with you guys, but not IRL. we are 90% sure we are going with Boden Warren L___. He'll go by Bode (pronounced Boh-dee)

Anyway, sorry this got so long - this is the first break I've taken in what feels like weeks! After the 12th I'll be more active and less lurk-y. Smile

Looking forward to getting to know you all!

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Yay! Another September mama! Smile

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Welcome and congrats! Two little boys together is blast! BTW You were married the weekend before my DH and I. Smile Love having an August anniversary! It leaves options wide open on what to do because you can do about anything that time of year. Smile

Congrats again!

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welcome and congrats!

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woot! lots of Sept mamas in here!

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I live in a small town too so don't have many options. I delivered DD naturally while also begging for an epi that I thankfully never got. This time I am going in much more prepared and actually looking forward to the experience.

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Welcome to this board (boy, will it be hopping come September!)! If you haven't yet, I totally recommend Reading Ina May's Guide to Childbirth. I was feeling anxious about going natural but now I am totally excited and calm about it at the same time.

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welcome! I also live in a small town with not a lot of options. I had a natural hospital birth last time, but this time I am probably having a homebirth with a midwife who lives an hour away from me (she is the closest one!)

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Welcome and Congrats! Small town here to and we had to use a HBMW that was over an hour away. Love the name you choose for you new LO!

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Congratulations on another boy! So glad you are here. I hope you love your MW and birth center. I too will be delivering in a birth center this time and it is exciting.

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"mommys" wrote:

Congratulations on another boy! So glad you are here. I hope you love your MW and birth center. I too will be delivering in a birth center this time and it is exciting.

Stephanie - I can't wait to hear your birth story...I sure hope you are long-winded! Smile

There are so many birth stories out there, but it seems like so few at freestanding birth centers!

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