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I thought I would stop by and introduce myself.

First time mommy! Just found out 2 days ago that I would be having a girl. My DH and I are sooooooo excited!!!

I'm planning a water birth at home with my midwife and husband.

Question- I need to start posting some pics, so: What website do you all use to store pics, so you can post them here?

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Hello and welcome to p.o!! Congrats on your pregnancy and finding out you're having a little princess! The best site to use (for me at least) is photobucket. You can upload your pics there and then just copy and paste the URL here (click on "insert image" on the toolbar above where you post). HH9M!

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Welcome and congrats on team pink!! Most people use Photobucket to post pics here.

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Welcome over here as well! It's nice to see another June 2012 mom here and on our BB! Smile

I use Flickr, but, that is because I had the account before I started posting here. It's just as easy to upload photos from there as it is from photobucket, unless it's a GIF, as I recently found out.

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welcome! i use photobucket too but don't love it. someone said you can link directly from facebook but i don't know how to do that...

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HI DAISHA!!! (that's my SIL, ladies!) Yes, I post here too because I enjoy procrastinating about my school work that much. I'm so glad you've decided to dive in over here. I'm amped for your HB!

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:wavehello: Erin's SIL!! She's talked a bit about you on the BB we share. It's nice to finally "meet" you, can't wait to follow your journey!!!

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Here are some pics from my newly created photobucket account...

16 weeks, Day 3

20 weeks, Day 4

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awww, love me some belly pictures Smile You look adorable!!

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Super adorable! Your belly looks just like mine at 20 weeks. You look awesome! Pregnancy really suits you Smile

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Teagan's cousin is in there!

Hi, and welcome! Smile

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Congratulations and welcome! I'm expecting #5 in June Smile

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Welcome and congrats on your baby girl!
I know Erin is over the moon about your upcoming LO. I'm so glad you came over and joined us.
Totally cute belly btw! I use photo bucket only because that what I started using like 7 years ago.

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Welcome and congrats! I use Photobucket Smile