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It's a . . . . (xp)

Final score: Girls 4, Boys 3 Smile

We're very happy - honestly would have been happy either way since we have three of each already. Everything looks good on the ultrasound, I feel great, my blood pressure seems to be totally under control, so another home birth it will be Smile

Hubby was in the hospital . . . again. Long story short: I had posted back in December that his annual scan showed a spot on his liver, and for 2 weeks we were terrified that it was his cancer returned and metastasized. A subsequent scan ruled out cancer and it was deduced that it was an abscess left over from a terrible infection he contracted after his emergency surgery to correct a bowel obstruction (a complication from his previous cancer surgery) last spring. His doc decided to take a wait and see approach, but it got worse over the last month or so, causing Michael a lot of pain and sporadic fevers, so he went in Monday morning for what was supposed to be an outpatient procedure to drain the abscess (blech). When they got in there, it was much worse than anticipated, so they kept him overnight to continue draining it and pumped him full of antibiotics. he was discharged yesterday morning (in time to go to my ultrasound with me) with a drain still in Sad Hopefully he'll get it out by the end of the week and hopefully this will be the final chapter in this damn cancer saga.


Anyway, baby looks good, and we're thrilled! Oh, and my due date has been changed again to June 22, which is actually closer to the date I had first guestimated. Baby will come when she's ready, I just hope it's not when my midwife is out of town in early June!

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Congratulations!! Sorry for the setback for Michael, thats no fun. Glad to hear all is going well and the homebirth is on!

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Yay for a sweet baby girl!! I'm sorry to hear about your DH going through all of this craziness... but I'm glad he was able to go with you!

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Yay for another girl! Glad everything look good. I'm so sorry that your husband had to go through all that but hopefully that is the end of everything.

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Congrats on your baby girl, you have a beautiful family!

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Yay for a baby girl! I'm sorry Michael was in the hospital overnight, but better safe than sorry when dealing with an abcess like that. And woohoo that he got out in time for your ultrasound. I'm glad you're feeling great, you look great, baby looks great, onward to home birth!