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IUD question

At my last appointment we had the BC discussing and my MW suggested I consider an IUD.
Anyone have any advice or experiences worth relating? How about for a diaphragm?

Here's my background info:
I don't like combined hormonal contraceptives. I get moody and never want to DTD. I plan to BF for at least a year. We used LAM after DS1 but I had periodic spotting/bleeding after DS2, so couldn't do that. Once my cycles returned last time we did FAM with condoms and that went fine, but I'm not fond of condoms. I was fully fertile at 10-11m PP both times. We're pretty sure we'll go for #4 at some point, but want to wait at least a year and probably closer to 2 years.

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I'm considering the same kind of bc but like you I don't like any kind with hormones. I was on the pill right before getting married but I never stopped bleeding for 3 months so I quite. Turns out I didn't need bc as I'm infertile without meds. However since I'm planning on trying to lose weight after this baby I have a feeling that status won't last once I hit a certain weight and I don't want to be fertile and not know it, so I was thinking of a mirena.
Like you I want to bf for at least a year. I'm unsure if there will be #4 but it could be a possibility depending on how we feel. I do know of few that had adverse reactions when on mirena, but considering it can just be pulled out I like that. I do like the idea that it could lessen or stop my month periods while we wait to decide as I'm a heavy bleeder. I did ask the ob about a non-hormonal iud but she said most bleed more, which I do not want as I can become anemic with just af!
So yeah I'm interested in what others say. Sorry I made that so long.

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It seems like most women that get one really like it. It does have the same hormones as the combined birth control pill, but the dose is very very low. I plan on getting one in the next couple of months. It's a little pricey (around $400 dollars or so), but if you're using it for more than a year, it ends up being cheaper than other forms of BC. And maybe you have a drug plan that will cover it anyway?

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You can get a copper IUD without hormones, but like the PP said, it might make your periods heavier. So if you're already a heavy bleeder, you might not like it. I think I would go for it over a diaphragm though because with a diaphragm you lose a bit of the spontaneity.

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I had the paraguard (copper) IUD between DD2 and DS. The only reason I wouldn't get it again is because I'm a little unsure of where it lines up with my beliefs but other than that it was great. My periods were heavier but I experienced less cramping than usual (I usually cramp badly and really only cramped the first day of my IUD periods) and they were actually shorter (3 days plus one day of spotting as opposed to my normal 5 with a few days of spotting). No hormones, nothing to remember and we had no issues with it. I had it for a year and a half and had it removed easily (I braced for it to sting or something and my midwife was holding it up before I even opened my eyes Lol ) and got pregnant with DS 4 months later, we didn't start trying right away so it's not like it took that 'long', I think it was the 2nd month of trying we got pregnant if I'm remembering it right. The insertion was painful, since I had it inserted at 6 weeks pp and was breastfeeding they had to open my cervix to insert it, whereas they like to normally insert it when you have af. I think some people get by without that even if they don't have af. It wasn't excrutiating or anything, in my opinion definitely worth a year and a half of worry-free birth control that doesn't mess with my hormones.

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Oh and the diaphragm, I considered it after DS but we're bad enough at remembering condoms so I figured it would never work for us. Plus you need to use spermicide with it and I have a reaction to spermicide condoms so I didn't think it'd work well for us in that aspect either. Even with the spermicide it wasn't all that effective and the efficiency is lowered if you gain/lose more than 5 or 10 lbs. I tend to lose a lot of weight while breastfeeding so I didn't think it'd be effective for us. So you have to get refitted for everytime you gain/lose a certain amount of weight which is more money. You have to remember it everytime you DTD and leave it in for a period of time after DTD. Just didn't seem like a good idea for us.

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I am super emotional with any hormonal birth control. The patch side effects weren't as bad as the pill but I love Mirena IUD. I used it between my 3 & 4th as well as my 4th and 5th children. Even though it has some hormones it is directed right to your uterus so I didn't effect me like the patch or the pill. Also, the best part is that my period stopped after a couple of months. For some they would freak out that they are pregnant but I knew it was pretty common with Mirena so I didn't worry about it. I plan on getting it again and if your doctor inserts it at your 6 week post-partum your insurance may just cover it (mine did!). Good luck with whatever you decide!

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The thing about a copper IUD (and perhaps the Mirena) is that they can be expensive, especially since you plan to remove it before it's expired. Though in my opinion since my insurance didn't cover BCPs, even if I paid 100% out of pocket for the IUD, it's not much more money. My insurance did cover it, 90% I think, plus a copay.

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Thanks, everyone. I've looked into it and I think we'll try it if insurance will cover it. We could pay out of pocket, but then it would suck if I had bad side effects. I think we'll try the copper one, but I'll be talking it over more with my MW after we check insurance.

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I had a Mirena placed last week. I don't do well with hormonal BC either, but I have heard many many women say this one is different since it's very localized.

The failure rate of the copper is slightly higher than with the Mirena and I wasn't comfortable with that. I have too many women close to me have terrible experiences, that I didn't feel right.

Placement was pretty easy, a bit crampy and spotty after but that only lasted a day. Hoping my periods stop completely.

And yes, $400. Thankfully my drug plan covered it, otherwise I would have been keeping on with condoms. Lol

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Absolutely loved my Mirena IUD. I had it for 3 years between #1 and TTC #2. It worked great and I had bare minimum spotting each month. I didn't notice any side affects with mood, etc.

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I can't use hormonal birth control, so I opted for the copper IUD for about a year before TTC Jesse. I was happy with it at the time. I needed Aleve for Day 1 of each cycle (it was a bit more painful than before) and my period was slightly heavier on days 1 and 2, but not enough to have it taken out earlier than I wanted to. I won't get another though, since the idea of having another child is less scary than having a metal object in my uterus. Lol Besides, I personally know two people who've gotten pregnant with an IUD in place. One was with a Mirena and the other was with a Paraguard. That freaks me out a little too much! I'll take my chances with LAM, which works a little too well for me!

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"Amber_daisy" wrote:

the idea of having another child is less scary than having a metal object in my uterus. Lol

That's pertty much how I feel. I'd prefer a method which doesn't cause any problems if I do get pregnant on it. I keep going back and forth on what to do. Thankfully, there's time.

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I've had both Mirena and Paragard (copper) IUDs. I prefer the copper. I got the Mirena when my youngest was 6 weeks old. I spotted non-stop for 18 months. I also could not lose weight and had weird skin issues in sensitive areas. I swapped the Mirena for a Paragard, dropped 15 pounds without trying, stopped spotting, and don't have the skin problems anymore. Smile I've had the Paragard for a year now. We are considering a number 6 in the next year. If we go for it, I'll get my Paragard removed. After the baby, though, I'll get another one and dh will get the big V. The Paragard would be for back-up and peace of mind. Smile