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Jumping in!!

Hi ladies! My name is Erin. I'm 28 weeks along with our first little one, due October 5th. It's a girl! I've been on PG.org since the beginning of this pregnancy and I just discovered this board. We're planning a birth center birth. In fact, it's the same center where Leigh just recently gave birth to her gorgeous little Adair. Aside from pretty awful morning sickness through week 18, this pregnancy has been pretty uneventful. I've read a gazillion books on birthing naturally and I feel very supported by my DH, family, and MWs. I thought I'd jump in here to learn from BTDT mom's and get to know our natural birthing community. In lurking, I've seen a few familiar faces. I look forward to getting to know the rest of you!!

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Welcome, Erin! I'm glad you found us!

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Its good to see you here Erin! I'm so glad you came over!
I have to say the birth center you are with sounds amazing from the things Leigh has mentioned. I didn't even realize you were at the same one.

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Welcome!!! Smile

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Hi!! Glad to see you over here!

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Yay! Hi, Erin! I am still working on my birth story (nearly done...) but I will say that I credit the Birth Center with one full part of the three things that allowed me to make it through my very long and challenging NCB (the others being 1-my commitment due to a thorough education through Hypnobirthing, this board, and my own research, and 2-Porter.) They were amazing. We are so lucky to have that place here!!

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Welcome over here Smile

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Welcome Erin! It sounds like you are excited and pretty prepared!

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Congrats - I am looking forward to hearing all about you!

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Welcome. I've really learned a lot on this board and I love, love, love the lodges and birth stories! So inspirational!

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Hey Erin! Glad to see yet another October mamma over here too!! I love this board, as I'm sure you will too!

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