Jumping back in :)

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Jumping back in :)

I am finally feeling confident that this little bugger is going to stick so I'm coming back to my favorite board Smile

I am due October 8th and haven't felt pregnant at all so I'm still trying to grasp that I really am pregnant and having a baby. No morning sickness, which I had issues with with my first two pregnancies, so that really made it hard for me to prepare because I thought I was going to have another loss. My midwife had me do an ultrasound on Monday since I was measuring big and we did change my due date by 1 week from what I expected, thankfully all looked well/

I'm looking forward to going everyone and reading lodges again.


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Welcome and congratulations!

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Congrats on your pregnancy! Smile

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Congrats and welcome!

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Congrats! I'm glad that everything is looking good. I had a hard time feeling preg. with #3 as well for a long time.

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If it weren't for the tight waist on my pants I still wouldn't think that I'm pregnant. No symptoms at all and it's such a change but I'll happily take it!


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So excited for you! Congrats and welcome!!

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Welcome back;) I'm still around from time to time but mostly lurk...

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Congrats and Welcome!!! Or Welcome back Wink