Jumping for joy!

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Jumping for joy!

I am so so happy and excited right now!!! My friend that was planning a home birth had her baby on Monday. She was 40 weeks 5 days. It was a super fast and intense 4 hour labor and she asked to go to the hospital and get an epidural before they even called the midwife but she had the baby at home not long after the midwife showed up. She is so happy she made the choice but she said she owes it all to me and the information I gave her and support I gave her. There isn't much support around here. Hospital births are the only way to go around here and if you do something different your stupid. I'm just so happy for her! She's not sure she will do it again but at the same time she never wants to go to a hospital again. lo. Nursing is going well for her and recover has been night and day for her. Her first birth was really traumatic and caused huge health problems that she is just barely starting to get over 2 1/2 years later. So to feel this good after birth is a huge blessing for her. Smile :) Smile

Anyway, Happy healthy baby and momma. See home births don't kill moms and baby's. Wink Though you guys already knew that. Wink

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Yeah! That is wonderful news!

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How lovely! Especially after a traumatic birth the last time!!! Very happy for your friend! My DD and I are still alive and kicking, so agree with you, lol!

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That's wonderful! I'm glad she had such a good experience

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That is wonderful for her, and I'm sure it is so exciting for you after you have given her information and support!