just introducing myself

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just introducing myself

Hello ladies,

My name is Chris, Dh and I found out in December we are expecting # 1 in August. I thought I would introduce my self because, well I want as natural as possible birth experience. It took Dh and I 3 years and 4 months to conceive our little bunny. While I had times I wanted to cave and take the medical route ie. fertility treatments, I always knew in my heart God would bless us when it was time. so here I am anxiously wait my first ultrasound. I have been unimpressed with my OB and His nurse, because of answers to my questions surrounding natural birth i have sought out a Midwife, I can't wait to meet her. I live in Nebraska where it is illegal for a midwife to be present at a homebirth, and I am lucky that there is even the option of having a midwife even if i will have a hospital birth. I know I will have many questions for you ladies, so feel free to ask any of me. I read some of the stickies and info already and I have been reading like crazy. Anyway hello.

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Welcome, Chris! Congrats on your long-awaited pregnancy! I think it is really great that you already know what you want for your birth experience and are starting to prepare for it early!

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Welcome and congrats on your pregnancy!

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Congratulations and welcome! There is a lot of wonderful ladies with wonderful answers on this board! Smile

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Welcome and congratulations!

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congrats and welcome to the board! I found reading a lot and learning a lot about natural childbirth (and educating myself on the risks/benefits of interventions) very helpful in my last pregnancy and birth. sounds like you already have a great start in that department!

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Welcome and congrats on your pregnancy! I'm glad you will be able to use a MW to have the type of birth you desire.

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Welcome and congrats on your pregnancy!

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Welcome and congratulations! It sounds like it was long awaited. My DS took his time getting here too, 4 years to be exact. God was teaching me a lesson in patience Smile

I can't wait to hear all about your meeting with the midwife!!

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Welcome and congratulations on your pregnancy!!

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Welcome and Congrats! We waited over a year to get pregnant with DS, I can't imagine your pateince to wait over 3 years. I'm glad you sought a provider that fits your needs and wishes. I hope you have a quiet pregnancy and a really beautiful birth.

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congrats and welcome, I think it's great that you know what you want and are educating yourself on your choices. I've found this board really has put me into a natural mindframe and it's hard not to get excited abotu that prospect everytime I come on here.