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Labour playlist

I'm so used to just listening to top 40 crap and kid's music lately that I'm kinda stuck on this right now. What all is some good labour/birth music? I've said goodbye lately to the hypnobabies home study (it just wasn't fitting into my life) so I'm not looking for anything particularly soothing or mellow. I like things with a good beat/rhythm.

Any suggestions? What did y'all listen to (if anything)?

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yeah I am no help, I pretty much only listen to talk radio.

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lol Christy.

During the birth of my 4th son I listened to a lot of indian drum music & things by merlins magic (my fav is heart of reiki) but that doesn't have much of a beat to it. Maybe go to and have a look through the music section, a lot of times they have samples you can listen to.

Sorry I'm not much help.

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I am so into reggae now. It's fun, good beat and makes me feel like I'm on vacation! It's relaxing for some reason to me and that's what we have our Pandora station set to 95% of the time!!!

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i had Pandora internet radio on my phone during labor. on pandora, you just enter in a favorite artist or song and it generates a "station" of similar stuff. personally, i listened to contemporary Christian music while in labor, but I know that is not for everyone.

i think on my actual labor playlist on my iPod (I had it with me but never got it out, just used my phone), I had some softer stuff (that I am sure DH made fun of). I made the playlist when pregnant with nathan. Mostly, I just went through my itunes and picked out songs that were calming to me. Everything from Cyndi Lauper, Counting Crows, DMB, dashboard confessional, Enya, name it. Pretty much picked out stuff that was a little on the softer side or gave me a happy feeling Lol

That said, never used the "labor playlist" during either labor. I did use them during pregnancy to relax, though. I was glad I had it in case I needed it, though, even though I ended up using Pandora radio on my phone for this labor. I even used it in the tub, just made sure to keep it on the edge where I was leaning anyway. Did almost drop one earphone in a few times when I had one in and one out so I could talk to DH and the midwife or nurse.

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I had a real mix of soft and my "happy" music on my ipod. Can't actually remember what it was but I did plan it all out and had it prepared.

However, when it actually came to labour they all irritated me no end!!! I ended up with complete silence and was happy with that....I needed to concentrate!

Sorry I can't help Smile