A little OT but I need help...

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A little OT but I need help...

I have been nursing my little boy for 6 1/2 months now and still going strong. Smile But my question(s) is/are this. I got my period back when he was 5 months old and it was really light and spotty the first month, then the next month it was a regular period but a little longer cycle than my usual ones, well I'm 2 weeks late for my next period, even if I include the longer cycle i'm a week late. Is this just my body still trying to regulate? Is it from me nursing? Will my periods get regular if I'm nursing? I couldn't nurse DS1 due to issues so I have no clue what is going on. My mom is no help because she couldn't nurse any of her kids either. I've taken a couple [FONT=verdana]pregnancy tests[/FONT] and they have come back negative. I'm a very regular gal when it comes to periods usually, as in I new the exact day I would start my period, so this is kind of freaking me out. DH and I use condoms but we usually play around a little before putting it on.

Please help me out. Sad Thank you in advance for your help! Smile

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The easiest thing to do is just test. If BFP of course that's whats going on. If BFN then look at the other issues. could be any of the things you named. I went on the mini pill at 6 weeks with DD and my period came back around 5 months.

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When I got my period back with my son they were all over the place for a number of months. I really think you are just reregulating.

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I'm the same as Christy. I got mine back right away, but it was all over the place for months.

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Probably just trying to regulate. Mine are always wonky for a good long while.....
But I also keep a stash of cheapie HPT's and take them periodically just to ease my mind.


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it is very common to have irregular periods while nursing. I had one at 3 mo. postpartum and just occasional spotting since then. With DD I had a ton of spotting. Breastfeeding hormones suppress estrogen, which has to get to a certain level for ovulation to occur, sometimes it doesn't occur at all, and sometimes irregularly because it takes longer for it to build up.

I am currently reading Taking Charge of Your Fertility and it is very enlightening. I have charted before, just learning about it onlin, but reading the book is teaching me a lot more about it. Charting can be really helpful while breastfeeding because you can know whether you are ovulating or not and thus know whether or not to expect a period (and when). The time between the start of a cycle and ovulation varies, but the time from ovulation to menstruation is fixed. I haven't read the part about using charting as birth control while nursing yet, but I think I may want to try it, because we are sort of the same way about condoms, and it would be nice to know when I am clearly not fertile so we won't have to worry about using them. I think you would really like the book.

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I'd say not to worry, those first few cycles back are far from normal. BFing can make them stretch out longer, too.
I agree with Brittany- Taking Charge of your Fertility is a great read.