a little scary and a little funny

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a little scary and a little funny

The "emergency" c/s as legos!

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I love the ending!

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"you read the birth plan?"
"no, I tore a piece off to throw my gum away"


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oh dear me! you are right...scary yet funny

eta: I was typing that before I heard the last line...nice!

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Love the last line!

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Great ending! Smile

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Very amusing. You know, when I was a nursing student I actually listened to a surgeon and two residents talk about golf during an entire gall bladder removal.

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yes the last line makes it worth it i think. and Rebecca, wow, i hear stuff like that alot but i just can't imagine.

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Yep, definately scary. Love the ending tho.

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I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry! TFS!

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TFS I had a good laugh at a few parts. It's sad that there's even any bit of truth to it (which I know there is a lot of) but I did love the ending.

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booo they blocked Youtube at work, I'll have to watch when I get home

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Someone did an awesome anti-circ one over at MDC. I wish you could make videos with less-robotic sounding voices though.