Long time, no chat!

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Long time, no chat!

Hello ladies!! Just popping in for a moment. I've missed y'all Biggrin

We're planning for an hba2c in a few short weeks. You all have been so much inspiration through each birthing experience and I can't wait to share this one with you as well

I mostly hang out on Facebook anymore since it is just easier, but I'll try to check in more over the next few weeks!

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Hi again! Where are you stationed these days? Home sounds like a great spot to greet #4!

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Yes pop into chat more. Did you want a lodge? I can start one for ya! How far along are you now?

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Hey Ariel, good to "see" you around again! Been hearing some good HBAC stories lately, can't wait to add yours!!

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We are at Ft. Campbell, KY. Actually bought our home on the TN side since midwives can't legally attend home birth in KY. Lots of options for TN though Biggrin

I'm 37ish weeks. Haven't been keeping close track since you know how long I like to bake them! If you want to start a lodge that would be awesome! Between the older three - Sylvia is 4, Justus is 3, and Bunni is now 17 months - I don't really have a whole lot of time. And I got my real estate license a while back so I'm still working full-time. Hopefully until the baby comes lol!

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Hi Ariel! Can't wait to follow you again!

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Yay! Lodge time for Ariel!