Losing Plug?

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Losing Plug?

So yeah.... remember how I haven't been crazy. Well I'm getting a little worried.

I have had chunks of mucus the last two days.

I am also a fingertip open.

That being said. I lost plug with Tyler at 29 weeks and then ended up making it. I was also dialated to a 1 with him and they gave me contraction meds from 31-34 weeks and then induced me at 39. Kind of a long story.


I just need lots of "Its fine, plugs grow back" posts etc. K thanks.

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"princess consuella" wrote:

"Its fine, plugs grow back"

Seriously, though, have you mentioned your concerns to your doctor or MW? If nothing else, maybe they can reassure you so you don't worry as much. Or if there is something going on they can take steps to stop it.


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It's fine, this early your plug can definitely grow back! Wink

If it helps, I lost mine (or at least a good chunk of it) last weekend between 31-32 weeks. My docs were surprised it happened so early, but as long as I'm not having regular or painful contractions and bleeding, they said it's nothing to worry about.

ETA: and now that I think about it, I remember having some good-sized bits of mucous right at the end of the second trimester, too.

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Dd your ob check you or self exam?? The cervix is typically a fingertip open, but the cervix is still closed on the inside. So I wouldn't worry about that unless you have contractions as well. And you already know about the plug regenerating.

ETA: If you have a history of preterm labor, you shouldn't be "stimulating" your cervix like that, I'd think.

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Let the midwife check me today just in case while I was there for my regular appointment

All is well. Closed, firm, long!