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A lovely poster

My son leaves for Haiti today. I don't know if you are aware, but there is a cholera epidemic there. I am a mother and of course I am very nervous, but my son is almost 40 and doing what he believes in.

Along with these thoughts came a wonderful poster from a photographer (whom I've met) who was commissioned by Sarahsunshine's midwife to create a poster for the Ghislaine Francoeur Fund.

Madame Francoeur was a midwife in Haiti, and after her death, the Canadian Association of Midwives started a fund in her name to help reduce infant and maternal mortality in Haiti.

If you would like to support any of this and buy a poster, you can email me. The photographer gave me permission to share this with you. I think it would make a lovely gift to a midwife.

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That is beautiful!

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I love it! How much?

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I'll ask.

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That's incredible! I too am curious how much the poster is!!

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My thoughts will be with your son as he travels through Haiti.
Beautiful poster, I too would be interested in the price.

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Beautiful photography and layout.