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Lurker saying hi

I just wanted to introduce myself a little so I won't feel like such a huge creeper if I post on a lodge lol.

I'm Amber, DH is Chris and we are expecting baby boy #3 this fall. I've been lurking here for awhile because ideally I would like an unmedicated VBAC. DS1, Mason, was a c-sec after FTP, he was wedged up somewhere good, not descended down at all and as a result I couldn't get past 9 cm. I made it like 15 hours before caving and getting the epidural, I had hoped that it would help me relax and finish dilating, but when they went in to get him they saw that that never would've happened. DS2, Isaac, was a successful VBAC, but I did need an epidural with him because he was sunny-side-up and the back labour was excruciating for me. My VBAC was far from easy, I had tons of tearing, an episiotomy, almost 2 hours of pushing and in the end the OB had to literally reach in and turn his head so he was face down. But I made it and am hoping for another VBAC, though hopefully a little easier one this time. My boys do not seem to know how to get into good positions, so I will be looking into chiropractics and spinning babies closer to the end.

I hope to get to know you ladies a little better over the next few weeks! Smile

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Welcome! I wish you lots of luck with your VBAC and hope it's much easier this time around! Both of my previous births were induced and medicated, so this is my first natural birth - I've started prenatal chiropractic and Spinning Babies and in two short weeks my baby has already turned into the ideal position! So I hope it works as well for you!

Looking forward to getting to know you!

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Welcome! I really hope that you have an easier VBAC this time and everything goes smoothly. Go ahead and add your information to the Lodge list thread and we will get you a lodge when you get to that point. Smile

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Welcome! I hope this birth is easier on you also. Looking forward to getting to know you. Smile

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Welcome! I hope you are able to get the birth you are hoping for! Definitely check into spinning babies to help baby get into a good position.

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Amber! YAY! A new familiar face. Smile I'll be thinking lots of good position thoughts for you over the next couple months. Our due dates are SOO close!!

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Welcome! I say it's never too early to start with the chiro, I'm a week behind you and having been going once every 3-4 weeks for a few months, it was a big help wtih my last pregnancy.


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Welcome! I hope your VBAC goes much more smoothly for you this time! I'm hoping for my first VBAC any minute now!