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Lurking and Thinking

Lurker[thinking of Birthing Naturally so kinda stalking you all]

With my first I kept telling my OB that something was wrong my bp was wayyyy up and I was so swollen, my feet & hands have strech marks still! I asked for second Opin's and all the doctors said they agreeed that I was fine.
A week later they had a new doctor and my doctor happend to be on vaca, he told me I had to have the baby within 24 hours or I would have a c-section, he told me he didnt want to scare me but that my bp was so high he was afraid for my life and for hers. I was put on bed rest as soon as I was admitted they didnt want me to move or strain, I was put on oxygen, had a cathater [since I wasnt allowed to get up], they gave me meds to start and speed up labor [made me feel very sick]

I labored almost instantly after being given the meds. I had her semi naturally, they put in an epi 23 hours into labor, the medicine only took on one half of my body and wore off an hour later as I was giving birth.

She was 4 weeks early, healthy at birth but had many issues after around 3 months. She is still smaller than most her age she is 22 months [almost 2 yay] and wears 12mo old clothes. Mentally she is brilliant (:

After that I clearly picked a new OB, my father told me to sue my doctor kinda joking but serious at the same time, I didn't. But I did find a new hospital, and I think I found the perfect doctor this time. Currently trying to TTC #2, and heavily thinking on doing a natural birth, but want to keep the hospital close due to my complications last time.

Im a worry wart. =/

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Did you ever have protein in your urine in your last pregnancy? If so, you had pre-eclampsia. I think it is a bit strange that your symptoms were ignored. A lot of doctors are kind of paranoid about pre-e. There hasn't really been any research on it, but there are some who believe the risk of developing hypertension and/or pre-e can be reduced (but not eliminated) by eating healthy, getting enough magnesium, and exercising. Pre-e is a serious complication, and the way it is managed makes it harder to have a natural birth, since it is a lot easier to cope with labor if it starts spontaneously and you are free to move around.

Since you have had the experience of an epidural not completely working, I understand why you would be interested in natural methods. I personally really love the Hypnobabies program (, and although they do encourage upright positions (because it helps labor go faster if you are upright), you can use the techniques well while lying down if you want (or need) to.

Good luck with TTC! I hope this is your cycle!

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Strange that they would ignore a high BP. It is a big deal in my care place to monitor closely because of the danger. Of course protein in the urine is a big indicator of pre-e, maybe you didn't have that? Anyway, if you did have pre-e, you are definately at risk for it again. That might mean another induction if it doesn't stay under control. It sounds as though you have managed through an induced birth already though (at least mostly), way to go! If you did it once, you can do it again!

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I did have the protein, it to was ignored by her and the other two doctors in the building. I was told I was over reacting! [yeah okay] I dignoised myself brought my concerns to her, was still told that I had nothing to worry about! So I followed all the online advice on how to manage pre e, I ate right, walked twice a day, kept my feet elevated to reduce swelling and drank water like it was going out of style lol

Only when the new doctor to the practice examined me was my concerns listened to, and I was RIGHT! Something was wrong, I was on the thin line between pre-e and full on E. My two new doctors [I am still deciding which one is best for me] say they would monitor me much more closely this pregnancy and said as long as pre-e didnt happen or was well managed they see no reason why a natural birth would be a problem! This makes me happy!

Thanks for the advice and link ladies!

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I will tell you that just because you had pre-e with one pregnancy does not necessarily mean you will have it again. My sister had it with 2 out of 3 of her kids. I hope that you can escape it this time.

Make sure you are getting adequate nutrition, including but not limited to at least 70-80 g of protein each day. I would suggest reading up on the Brewer diet.

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Thanks for the advice!

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