Measuring ahead.

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Measuring ahead.

The only time I've ever measured ahead was when I was pregnant with my twins, otherwise I've always measured spot on for the week I was on & my babies are always on the small side. This time I've consistently measured 2 weeks ahead since around 20 weeks pregnant - so it has me curious. It could simply be how I'm carrying him, or how he has himself positioned although he has gone from head up to transverse to head down & still I measure 2wks ahead, sometimes 2wks & a few days ahead.

Has anyone measured ahead for one pregnancy & not the other & did your baby come out bigger, smaller, same as your others? I'm kinda wondering if I might actually have a baby that's bigger than 5 or 6lbs this time lol

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Do you think your due date could be off at all?
I measured a little small with both of my kids so I'm no help.

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I always measured right on with both my older two, but this pregnancy I've measured around 2-3 weeks ahead until my last appt. I agree it could be how you're carrying him. this LO has been HIGH the entire time.
My OB did do a growth scan at 31 weeks and she was measuring a week or two ahead on that too. But I have 8 lb babies, so I figure she will just be around that size. We'll see if she's any bigger than my other two.

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I'm not much help either as I've always measured behind with my baby's and I have 5 and 6 pound baby's too. My sister measured the biggest with her last baby and ended up being her smallest baby, but she had a lot of amniotic fluid the entire pregnancy.

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From what I've heard the position the baby is in can definitely affect the measurement. But isn't measuring a week or two ahead still considered in the "normal" range? I don't think it's really that exact. Maybe you just have a little more amniotic fluid this time.

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No, it's not exact - kinda like u/s's when they try to determine how much the baby weights. I hadn't thought of amniotic fluid, that could be a factor too. I've just found it interesting due to the fact that I have small babies & I've never consistently measured ahead with any of my other pregnancies - I'm also around the same weight as I was with my last 3 but my belly is deffinitley bigger & rounder at this point. Who knows - it's just sorta piqued my interest.

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Even though I have a very small frame and i'm not sure I would be able to actually have a baby bigger than 7 pounds I've always secretly wondered what it would be like to have a bigger baby. I do love my little tiny babies though. Smile But I understand the interest. Wink

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I'm the same way - short & no torso lol All of mine have been small & I don't think I'd ever naturally have a baby bigger than 7lbs either, to me 7lbs WOULD be big Lol Almost all my friends have 8-10+lb babies, it's amazing to me to see these big chubby babies being born, they look like my 2 and 3 month babies. Like you I've always wondered what that would be like as well - I've been drinking a ton of water this pregnancy, so maybe it's that - who knows!

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lol! I'm definitely no help to you!

I've measured between 4-7 weeks ahead with each of my pregnancies... And then give birth to 10-12lb babies Smile

It could be the baby's position, but if you have been consistently bigger than maybe baby is a bit bigger (or less small Wink ) or there could be more amniotic fluid.

It will be interesting to see if you continue measuring ahead!

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I measured 4 weeks ahead with Tiven the entire time. She was just shy of 9 pounds.

With Weston, my belly seemed bigger & rounder, but I measured spot-on with maybe one exception.
He was 10'10".

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I'm another short mama with no torso and 5.5-ish lb babies Lol Mine have all come early so far, part of me wonders if their size is what makes me go into labor since they've all been about the same?
Anyways, with my other kids I measured about right on. There were a few times I measured small with DD2 and she was my smallest. DS measured ahead early on but after 20 weeks was pretty much right on (he was actually pretty small too, probably would have been DD2's size or smaller at the same gestation; for comparison my kids were DD1- 5lbs9oz, DD2- 5lbs5oz, DS- 5lbs13oz, DD1-34w5d, DD2- 35w, DS- 36w4d). This baby has been measuring ahead the last few appointments though, so it should be interesting to see. He measured 2 weeks ahead when he was breech and this week he only measured about a week ahead and he's transverse (though I think he went head down in the last day!) I keep saying I'd love to have a 6lb-er this time, but like you a 7lber almost seems big Lol

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I've always measured right on with my others and measured around 2 weeks ahead with this one from 12 weeks to about 32 weeks, now i'm measuring right on again and he has not dropped. Maybe more fluid?

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Wow...those are some teeny babies...mine were 8lbs 3oz and 8lbs 13 oz...I can't imagine anything small.

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Generally the machines are pretty good about their measuring. I watched my U/S today very closely with every measurement that she took of baby, and each one gave an EDD according to the measurement. So each time she measured the head, the chest, the legs, it gave an EDD on the bottom of the screen, and then compiled them all together at the end for an average EDD that may or may not match up to where you think (and they thought) you are. I started this pregnancy with an EDD of Dec 3, then was changed to Dec 1, then as of today it's Nov 1! Not a big difference with mine, but still. The furthest they've changed my EDD was pushing me back 10 days, but then she came a week early from that, so I think I was right all along anyway. Good luck!

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Interesting, I have a smallish frame with a short torso, have always measured a bit small, and have had 8lb babies (7 15 and 8 2). It would seem that I would measure bigger since I am SO out there towards the end. The baby doesn't have anywhere to go but out!
It is cool how different every person/weight/measurements are.

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Krystal ~ sorry, I was meaning u/s's determining weight not due date Smile

Vicki ~ I think more plays into it than body size, your right. My sister is like me short & no torso but she has 7 and 8lbs babies - I'm honestly not sure why mine are so small, my placenta's short of some aging have always come out fine *shrugs* I've always wondered why I could never grow a big baby lol

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I'm another one that's short and measures ahead.

DD1 - measured 1-2 weeks ahead towards the end, had a normal amount of fluid, carried straight out, and had her at 36w. She was 7lbs1oz.

DD2 - measured 2-3, then 3-4 weeks ahead, had more fluid (though still in the normal range), carried lower, and had her at 35w. She was 7lbs4oz.

So, for me, measuring bigger *did* mean a slightly larger and earlier baby. Smile

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I'm another short Mama 5'3 and 120 lbs. My first two I measured spot on every appointment, babies were 8'4 and 8'7 a week early. My third pregnancy I measured 3 weeks ahead consistently from about 22 weeks or so. Midwife said that I had a high amount of fluid, which made palpation harder. We were surprised to end up with a 9'2 baby a few days early.

I was only 6'14 at birth and was a tiny kid, so was surprised to grow babies who are on the bigger side.