Medication for Bipolar disorder and birth center

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Medication for Bipolar disorder and birth center

I recently found out I am expecting again after two earlylosses. I really want a natural birth in a birthcenter or at home. I am scared to call them back to be rejected. I already was told that I had to be cleared by their consulting ob die to my son's birth weight, being overweight, and having two psychotic episodes. Now, before finding out I was pregnant I was put back o bipolar meds. One of them may cause heart defects but my doctor doesnt want me off it because of how unstable I have been. I wanted to check here to see if anyone was in a similar situation and still able to birth outside of he hospital?

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Dr. Thomas Hale's Infant Risk Center is the leading expert on medications in pregnancy and while breastfeeding. I would trust his advice over anyone else's including my own OB who might be relying on old data or now-disreputed studies. His "forums" are not open to public postings, only medical professionals, but you can search them. He has a forum dedicated to Pregnancy with bipolar disorder but there are only four entries.
Pregnancy with Bipolar Disorder

If you don't find your medication there, try his general Medications & Pregnancy forum. Use the search function at the top if you don't see it listed, because sometimes he mentions things as reasonable alternatives or things to avoid in other threads.
Medications and Pregnancy

Generally, as long as you and your baby can both be classed as "low risk" then you should be able to have an out-of-hospital birth. Reading a few of the bipolar meds posts, it seems the greatest risk is "poor adaptation syndrome" in the baby after birth which might mean you'd need to stay longer and/or transfer to a hospital for observation. Good luck and please KUP!