Meeting with the HB midwife tonight!

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Meeting with the HB midwife tonight!

I finally decided to call the homebirth midwife office to set up a consultation. Both of the midwives were there in the office when I called. The one I talked to asked me if I knew my LMP, and I said I did, but I knew I ovulated later, so she asked when I thought concieved, and when I told her somewhere around March 20, she said that they were talking about blocking out a vacation in December and January, and since an O date of March 20th would give me an EDD of Dec. 10, I was past the cut off, but she talked to the other midwife about it and they asked how many babies I had and what gestation they were born at and since both DD and DS were born at 39 weeks and a few days, they said they would be willing to take me! She said that she is free this week for after hours appointments, so we went ahead and set one up for tonight at 8:00 pm so that my DH can come. I think I will only be meeting one of the midwives, but both will be at the birth. My friends who have used them have said that the one we're meeting with is a little more professional with her attitude, while the other is more easy-going and could be perceived as a bit of a hippie. I think DH will like the one we are meeting with more (he's kind of prejudiced against hippies, lol) so it is probably good that we are meeting her first. I will probably post tomorrow and let you all know how the meeting goes.

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Hope you like them

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Yay! I hope it goes well for you, I understand the whole "hippie angst" from hubby, mine makes jokes all the time, thankfully all our midwives are less arts more sciences Blum 3

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I hope it goes well.

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I wrote a message out, but I accidentally deleted it.

I thought the meeting went well. We weren't instant best friends or anything, but I feel that I would feel comfortable with her as a midwife and that I can trust her, and I think that's good enough for me. She answered DH's questions, and I think he's satisifed with the answers, though he's still concerned about how much it's going to cost, and doesn't like that he won't know until we get reimbursed by the insurance company. But it's not like we knew in advance how much we were going to pay for DS's hospital birth--we knew we'd only have to pay $250 in hospital charges (because of the employee discount), but we didn't know how much we'd pay for prenatal care and doctor bills--which was a lo. I really think there will be very little difference in cost, and I think that even if the homebirth would cost a little more it would be worth it. It turns out DH's question about what room we'd have the birth in was actually a concen about ruining our expenstive mattress or the carpet in our (rental!) house. Birth tub rental is included in the fee, though she said they can't guarantee a tub since they usually take 5 clients a month and only have 3 tubs--I think there's a pretty good chance I'll get one, though, if I'm really the only birth they're takining in December so that they can have a vacation.

The midwife has only been practicing for 2 years and has done about 50 births and has not come accross any emergencies yet. She has only transfered moms 4 times, twice for pain relief (which she said they tell everyone upfront that they don't do that anymore), once for a retained placenta for help removing it and once for a rapidly breathing newborn, which the hospital observed and was fine. But she said her partner has been involved in midwifery for over 25 years, though she has only been certified for the last 3, and unless they have 2 moms in labor at the same time, they will both be there at the birth.

The midwife has an interesting background--she comes from a family of doctors and nurses and always wanted to go into medicine. As a pre-med major in college, she took a medical anthropology class that really broadened her horizons about what "health" means in different cultures and questioned what makes our American model "right." So, she decided not to go to medical school. Later, she was living out of the country while pregnant with her first child. She ended up having a homebirth with a midwife and had a really awesome experience, and it was totally a random chance that she was in the right place at the right time to have that kind of care. When she talked to friends living in the U.S. about their birth experiences, there was such a huge contrast in how they felt about their births, which she found really upsetting and frustraiting, and that is what eventually led her to be a midwife.

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Brittany, I love that you are considering the homebirth. How did DH "feel" afterwards? It sounds like you are planning towards the homebirth Smile

The midwives sound nice and I'm glad they will take you despite your EDD.

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It sounds like it went well. I hope it all works out for you guys!

Just to give you my own experience with insurance. My DD was a homebirth, and we paid our midwife up front and then submitted a claim to my insurance company after DD was born. I was expecting to get back about $600-$800 after our deductible was met, and the % taken into account. I got about $17 back. It was a total slap in the face. I had done as much research and looking into things as I could ahead of time, and I really felt that it would be covered. Apparently my insurance co. doesn't feel like a homebirth and 9+ months of prenatal care is worth much... It was sooo frustrating! Anyhow, this time around, I am not expecting to get anything back, so I probably won't be as upset. I will probably file the claim anyways, and maybe it will get handled differently this time. We'll see. Anyhow, perhaps you can ask the midwives if they know how much people are being reimbursed, and how the insurance is working with people. In a different state, and with a different company, you may have a totally different experience. If other patients of theirs have the same insurance co. it would be good info to get now, so you can have reasonable expectations and not get a kick in the gut like I did.

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Steph, I didn't really get a chance to ask DH how he felt about it, but he did say, while we were talking to the midwife that if it is what I want, he trusts me and will support that choice. The midwife said that all dad's have the same concerns, but most are really glad they did it after the birth.

Katie, she said that what she sees is that most people get reimbursed somewhere from 60-90% of the charges. I think we might not get quite 60% because I think they'll be paying at the out-of-network rate (which I think is 60%) after the deductible is met, but I'm not sure. I guess reimbursement rates are higher here because WA medicaid actually covers homebirth, and I think sometimes private insurance bases their policies on what medicaid does. But if I guess if I do end up only getting $17, I will know that can happen...I think DH would be pretty pissed, though.