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MIA Update

Hi ladies,

Sorry I haven't been on in a long time. I don't have access to a computer during the day. Sad

But, here we are... 33 weeks and counting! Dirol

It's a milestone for me actually. This is when I went into PTL with Grace. I'm not feeling the best today but I by no means feel like I'm going into labor either! Wink

Over the last few weeks, DH and I have been praying and making a lot of decisions for this L&D. I've decided to not have a doula. Which, when I really think about it, still somewhat baffles me actually. LOL! I highly support doulas and have slightly toyed with the idea of being one myself. But the reasons for not hiring one are enough for me to be at peace with our decision. My mom is planning to be at the birth and she acts very much like my doula (having had 5 of her own and being a nurse). Plus, financially, that money will help us get things we need here at home ready for our little man's appearance. And lastly, I did have a successful natural birth before and no doula. Anyway, that's that.

The other thing we decided was that he won't be circ'd. The more educated we became on it the less we wanted to do it. So lots of prayer, lots of reading, and lots of going back and forth. :rolleyes: But now we're at peace with that one too!

Otherwise, we're doing well. I'm no longer considered 'at risk' or 'high risk' and needing to see the perinatologist. So that's wonderful. I liked having all the U/S pics and time to see him but taking a 1.5 year old to the dr office so much, having a ridiculous wait time, and always being told there was *possibly* something else going on, was just too much. So yeah, glad that's done! Smile

We are going to take a relaxation technique class in two weeks. Pretty excited for that! Smile

Well, tha'ts all for now. Going to go read some lodges and other posts now. Sorry so long. Smile

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glad to hear from you and that all seems to be going well.