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    Default Midwife appointment

    I had my midwife appointment today and all looks good. Everything was negative with my urine this time, no protein trace this time. My weight is now 109.8, 14 pounds gained so far. BP was 97/73. Babe didn't want to hold still again, she seriously chased him around my tummy for about 2 minutes before I finally boxed him in and we caught enough of it to get the HR and it was in the 140's. I meet with my actual midwife at my next appointment but it will be 5 weeks from now. I love the assistant/student midwife to death but I need to get to know the midwife I actually hired. I declined to do the GD test, I was negative with both of my other boys and I don't eat very much sugars and processed foods anyway, and even if I do end up with it I would just have a normal sized baby. lol. Both my baby's were 6Ib 7oz and 5Ib 12oz, born at 41 weeks and just past 39 weeks. So yeah. A GD baby would probably be around 7-8 Ibs for me. lol.

    Anyway, had a good appointment and officially decided to not do the GD test.
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    Congrats on a great appt! You're so lucky that you had the option of opting out of that stupid GD test. My OB basically said I had to do it or find another doctor. I guess it's because they must get threatened with so many malpractice suits?
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