Midwife appointment... another u/s scheduled

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Midwife appointment... another u/s scheduled

I had my midwife appointment today and it went well. I am up about 3 pounds from my last appointment, up to 119. My urine looked good and BP was 107/74. My midwife checked baby's position and she guessed breech at first but then when I explained that he likes to shove his hands out in my hips she said he very well could be head down then, especially after she found the heart beat and where it was located. His HR was in the 150s-160's as well cause I had a contraction right before that and with my midwife feeling position. I am measuring 27 weeks now, i'm nearly 32, but my midwife says as long as she sees a decent increase in measurement that is fine. Especially since I measured small with my other two pregnancy's as well. If you remember from my ultra sound at 19 weeks my placenta was low and close to the cervix, well my midwife would really like me to go get another one around 35 weeks to make sure it has indeed moved up. It's was only 1.6cm away from my cervix and they like to see it 3cm or further away.

So with all that being said I could really use some prayers and placenta move vibes as well as some grow baby grow vibes!!! lol. I really don't like measuring this far behind and I really would like my home birth which I can't have if my placenta is still too low.

Oh only one more appointment till my home visit AND I very well could get the birth kit ANS the birth pool at the next visit!! I can't believe how close this is getting!!!

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Sending you lots of high placenta vibes! You have kind of small babies, don't you? It would make sense for a baby who is going to be 6 lbs to have a smaller measurement at this point than one that is going to be 8 lb. You are getting close!

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Yeah, DS1 was 6Ibs 7oz at 41 weeks and DS2 was 5Ibs 12oz at 39+2. With DS1 I measured two weeks behind and DS2 by the end I was measuring 3 weeks behind. The thing that makes me nervous is I'm already measuring 4 weeks behind. But as long as there is decent growth and my belly does continue to measure bigger each appointment we should be fine. I'm just nervous with measuring small because, as I know I said when pregnant with DS2, my mom measured small like that and turned out the placenta was dying/dead. She went a couple weeks measuring smaller but still some growth to no growth at all. My sister was born handicapped and only weighing about 4 1/2 pounds.

One good thing is he is still way active and his activity hasn't decreased any, if anything it's actually increased the past couple weeks.

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Fingers crossed that the placenta has moved for you. I'm glad that baby is still way active. Hopefully having the ultra sound will also be able to ease some of your fears about his growth. You are getting so close!

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Hoping your placenta has moved well away from the cervix!!

I can't imagine measuring small! I measure way, way ahead each time, but my babies are twice the size of yours! (literally, the smallest of my 4 was 9lbs 13oz and my biggest was 12lbs even). You're right though, as longer as baby is growing and moving he is likely fine. Good that your mw is on top of things though Smile