Midwife/doula dream team hired!!

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Midwife/doula dream team hired!!

I'm so excited!!! In my hometown area there are only two midwives and a few doulas... And from all my friends who have had home births there is one midwife, and one doula (who was my doula for my first birth) that are together known as the dream team. Smile and I just hired them both for my birth!!! So excited!!!! This midwife is hard to get a hold of (especially when you have a 12 hour time difference as I do now!!), and I've heard she fills up fast- so I feel very relieved to have finally gotten her on the phone and hired!!!

Just thought I'd share. It's past midnight now, and after my "nap" on the couch from 9-11pm, and then hiring her, I'm just too excited to sleep!! Smile my home birth is really coming together!!!

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Congratulations! What an exciting and relieving thing to be able to look forward to Smile

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Yay! Finding the right people is sooo exciting. So, you're giving birth in the States? Are you traveling back just for the birth or is it just coincidental that you'll be back?

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"TiggersMommy" wrote:

Yay! Finding the right people is sooo exciting. So, you're giving birth in the States? Are you traveling back just for the birth or is it just coincidental that you'll be back?

Same question here.

That is exciting news!! So happy for you!

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how exciting!

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Awesome! I am sure it feels good to have things all lined up. How cool that you have the dream team!

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Coming back for the birth. If I were to stay in this part of the world, my choices would be to birth in one of two Thai cities... one being Bangkok, which has like a 75% c-sec rate. Ok, I made that up- but from all the women who live here and delivered there, I don't know of a single one that didn't have a c-section. NOT my idea of fun!

So yeah... to have anywhere near the kind of birth experience I was hoping for, I had to come back to the States- plus I also can't imagine birthing without my mom, and this way we also get to spend the summer in Michigan with my family and the new baby. My DH is a teacher, so we get the summers off anyway, and would travel somewhere anyway... so this works out perfectly. Although, my DD and I are heading back around 30 weeks, which will be late March, so we'll be away from DH for 2 months, which will suck, especially since he will miss DD's 2nd birthday, but... what can you do. Flying from Laos to Michigan more than 30 weeks pregnant with a toddler is not my idea of a good time- and I would be too afraid of going into early labor if I waited any longer as well.

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yaya! thats so awesome and very exciting. Sounds like it's coming together very well. Yes the c/s rate there is very high.

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Glad you were able to hire your dream team. It will be nice to give birth with your family close by too.

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That's really cool! I'm sure it feels good to be able to get things lined up, especially from so far away!

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How exciting!! Curious where in Michigan you are from? I'm in Indiana, and looked into a few of the Michigan midwives when I was deciding who to go with this pregnancy.

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Congrats... that's so exciting!