Midwife must think DH is insane

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Midwife must think DH is insane

Our Midwife is new to practicing as she just graduated this spring. I think my DH is too much for her and she may not get his humour. Last night in our appointment she was suggesting a book we might want to buy that covers before and after birth, and this is how their conversation went:

she says:"and there's a second part to the book with in case of emergencies." DH says:"is there a section If it's possessed?"

I just shook my head. DH tends to get very talkative and crazy sounding when he's nervous. He talks more than I do at the appointments and I think he keeps going on tangents away from the topic at hand. Maybe next time I won't bring him along.....

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LOL!!! I don't know, sounds like fun to me Smile

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I think she doesn't get it. She's very nice and I really like her, but she's not a joking type personality that I can see. Maybe it's because she's new at this? She always just kind of smiles and it looks like she doesn't know what to say.

Oh well, I hope she gets use to him.

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lol!! don't worry about it, I'm sure she'll be able to handle it!

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I'm in tears laughing!!!! I would have fell out laughing!!