Mom thinks I should call dr.

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Mom thinks I should call dr.

Okay, so I had lunch with my mom today, who is planning a couple of out-of-town trips soon. She's going out of town this weekend and she knows I've been having peaceful dreams about delivering in the 34th week and she was curious what my "symptoms" are right now. :rolleyes: In each of my dreams it's always the same thing, I'm somewhere in 34 weeks, baby comes peacefully, painlessly, and with no complications. Some times I deliver and home (despite knowing it was coming) and I call the doc after I'm holding my baby, some times I deliver in the hospital after waiting until the last possible moment to go in, and sometimes I go in with enough time for them to transfer me (our hospital won't deliver at 34 weeks) but there is no stopping it, I am happy, and we deliver without being transferred (for whatever reason).

So my mom asked me if my body is prepping itself for labor yet. I told her that I lost parts, if not all, of my mucous plug and she just about choked on her food! :eek: She says "Did you call your doctor? When do you see her next?? You know you're not supposed to take baths or have sex after you lose the plug......." She just starts flipping on me! She told me that I need to call my doc to see if they wanna check me before my appointment next Friday (22nd). Then I told her it happened at the beginning of last week over a couple of days time and I swear I thought she was gonna faint. "Your doctor NEEDS to know you've lost it"

Okay, so I know she's over-reacting just a tad, but what do you guys think? The plug was lost over a couple of days, it was not brown or bloody, I've had no spotting or bleeding of any kind, and there's nothing in my discharge that makes me think I'm leaking amniotic fluid. Should I call my doctor? Is sex still safe? I know it can regenerate....

I do have other possible early labor signs, but none are definitive and I know that even with these "symptoms" labor could still be weeks off. *sigh*

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The plug can regenerate itself over and over again-- it really isn't a reliable indicator of labor anymore. The only thing my MW told me after I lost my plug was not to swim in the lake or in ponds anymore (bacteria grows on their surfaces during the summer and if you are opening up, it can get in there), only pools (a bath was ok but not to sit in it until the water had cooled off, to get in, get done, and get out). My personal rule of thumb is that if I lose the plug with no blood, labor is still weeks off, things may be just thinning out-- if I lose the plug with blood, I'll be going into labor VERY soon. Smile

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You're totally fine to do everything that you did before you lost your plug. In a healthy pregnancy, you can do anything and everything up until your water breaks... that's when they tell you not to have sex or swim... tell your mom to calm down a little lol!

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you can do whatever if you lose pieces of is when your water breaks that you shouldn't have sex, etc. it's all good Smile

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In my experience, losing bits (even large ones) of plug doesn't necessarily mean anything. For example,with DD2, I lost a good chunk of plug (just mucous, no blood or spotting) at 30 weeks and another around 33-34 weeks. At 35 weeks there was more, that time brown and with water broke about 2 days later.

I did tell my docs each time I lost bits of plug...they weren't concerned at all, and I was given no restrictions (though they did want me to get there in a hurry if my water broke or my contractions were less than 5 min apart).

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Thanks ladies! That's what I thought. I did remind my mom that a lot has changed when it comes to having a baby. Wink

Yeah, with both of my other two I lost pieces of plug around this time, and they were both over and induced.. so I wasn't really holding much to it.

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What you mom said applies to your water breaking not losing your plug. Actually the bath thing is wrong with that too, otherwise there would be no waterbirth. Wink

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"Mom2ThreeKiddos" wrote:

What you mom said applies to your water breaking not losing your plug. Actually the bath thing is wrong with that too, otherwise there would be no waterbirth. Wink

What she said.

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Thanks, that's what I thought.