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Mom2ThreeKiddos & Other VBAC hopefuls

I was chatting with the midwife I hope to use on my next birth and we were discussing ruptures. She said the two most important things when you are a VBAC hopeful to avoid a rupture is increasing your proteins immensely and to make sure you do NOT let your iron levels dip. She suggested that even if I don't have GD next time that I should try to follow that diet anyway because it promotes higher protein intake and also take an Iron supplement no matter what. I'm sure the combination of protein and Iron won't be great for my colon Smile but I'd probably keep taking a probiotic to help combat that.

I just thought I'd share..... It's not something I've run across in my research before. She said a lot of midwives push these things, but dr's don't.

I just remembered the only other place I have ever heard this before. There was a live chat here on with a midwife a couple months ago. I was asking her questions and she also brought up that protein and Iron were very important to help retain strength in the scar tissue throughout pregnancy.

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I was put on a higher iron/protein diet with the addition of yellow dock supplement when I found out we were expecting this time. I suffered from placenta accretia with my second DD and had a minor bleed with DD#3 so they thought it was prudent to be proactive. It doesn't help much that I was quite anemic BEFORE I got preggers, but with constant monitoring and watching how much iron rich foods I eat I've managed to keep myself just below normal range for iron (10 where 11 is low but normal), and my iron absorption rate is actually par for the first time ever! Between all that and drinking RRL tea daily (sometimes twice) I'm hoping to avoid any bleeds this time around. My midwife says she's treating me like a VBAC since the risks are about the same.

I've found soybeans have been a godsend to me this pregnancy, they are high in iron, proteins and other vitamins and awesome to snack on 24/7! I've almost been able to completely curb my potato chip cravings with bowls of soybeans! LOL though... I'll admit I sneak a bag here and there... I can't help myself!

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Good info!

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I am trying to follow something similar to the Brewer's diet which is much higher in protein. I didn't know about the iron though.

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That makes perfect sense since protein & iron are essential for healthy muscles, and the uterus is a muscle. I don't remember my midwife saying anything specifically about this in regards to my VBAC, but she also knew that I already was doing a high-protein diet.

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Very good to know since I will be a VBA2C next time. I always follow a high protein Brewer-style diet during pregnancy anyways just as a preventative measure, but I hadn't heard of the iron. I've never had an issue with my iron, but I will keep that in mind.

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Thanks so much for posting this! I will probably start working on getting more iron and protein in the second trimester... right now I'm fighting just to keep a few crackers down. Ugh. Good to know that diet can help reduce the risk!

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good info - makes sense!

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good to know. I've been off on my iron the last few weeks but am finally feeling back to normal