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Thread: Mother-in-law or MONSTER-in-Law?

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    Default Mother-in-law or MONSTER-in-Law?

    Hi all! Here's a fun topic as we head into "Mother's Day"!

    How do you get along with your significant other's mom? Has she become like a second mother to you -- or rather is someone that has you ready to pull out your hair?

    For those with kids, do you view her advice as helpful or interfering?

    If distance separates you how do you foster your relationship?

    Finally, how do you handle Mother's Day? Do the two of you exchange gifts/cards? Do you have something special planned? Share!

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    I am super fortunate to have an amazing mother-in-law. While sometimes I chafe a little bit at her comments about parenting, it's totally minor and doesn't affect our great relationship. And she is an excellent grandma--always willing to watch DD if needed, and they have a great time together.

    Both of our moms are in town, though, so we usually do separate Mother's Day events--he treats his to brunch, and I take mine on a picnic with fried chicken (our shared guilty pleasure ).
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    I wish I could select something in between because it depends.

    In general I really like my MIL and we do get along well. I've learned to accept her things and am very good at ignoring her when needed. Overall I'm very lucky.

    Now when the topic of me working full-time or natural birth comes up I would throw her in the Monster-In-Law category. She doesn't agree with my views and thinks she can make comments to get me to see the "light". I wish she would just accept my views and decisions and be supportive or keep her mouth shut. I'm a little nervous as to what kinds of comments she'll come up with during the pregnancy and I hope I can be nice in my responses.


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    I can't really vote because mine is somewhere in between. She can be really sweet and is almost always willing to watch my boys on a moments notice. BUT she drives me crazy!!!! lol. She is always doing things I don't want done with the boys, lets them get into stuff they aren't supposed to get in and she knows it, her house is a disaster and she always takes them over there (she is horder), her and my DH very rarely have a conversation where she doesn't talk to him like he is an idiot, and she has left deep deep scares in my DH that I am trying to heal. She thinks ALL men are pigs and should be treated as such and so that is how she treated my DH like the "twisted Y-chromosome he is that just screws everything up." (<--- Her exact words BTW) Funny part is all of her grand kids are boys.
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