Music during labor

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Music during labor

My doula suggested I start looking for music I will want during labor but I don't know what to look for. What if what I like now is annoying to me during labor? So i figured i would ask: what does everyone like during labor?

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I had some nice spa music that I had planned on using. The first time my labour was too fast to hit play. The second time, my labour was so long I was so anxious that I didn't care to think about it. Once it kicked in someone turned on some 70's music, but I heard one song then zoned out.

I think anything that makes you feel relaxed, energized and strong is good. Whether that's AC/DC or Enya. KWIM?

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I fretted about that for a month. DH had his iPOD loaded up with stuff I thought I'd want to listen to. I can't even remember if the thing made it's way onto the iPOD dock. Blum 3 Just bring an assortment of stuff you like. Your musical tastes won't change that much during labor. Justin Bieber will still be annoying Wink

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I had my relaxation tracks to play and little religious music. I never pulled it out of my bag because I didn't care about having music. I actually preferred the quite.

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Anything that makes you comfortable. I had planned on some nice relaxing spa-like music, but ended up listening to Lady Gaga! hahaha. It was fun and I was able to "dance" to the music through my contractions. It was perfect!

Next time I will put together a bunch of different play lists and just put on whatever one suits the mood.

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Nope. Just the sound of people breathing annoyed the crap out of me. I need silence.

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Music was the last thing on my mind. I preferred chatting/joking in early labor and calm/quiet as things got intense.

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I loaded up my mp3 player with every type of music I could think of that I liked... Everything from Marilyn Manson to classical LOL! As it turned out what we thought would be best (soothing meditation music) made me want to kick something, and anything with words annoyed me... so we ended up listening to the classical music!

Honestly I don't even remember the music, but looking back having music with no 'words' made it impossible to keep track of time. For me that was a drawback, not knowing how long I had been in labor worked against me... but for some that might be helpful!

Hope you find something that works for you.

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i didn't want anyone talking lol

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I'll admit I kept the TV on but muted, as I was too focused on what was going on to care. But this time around I think I might bring my iPod with my normal tunes on it as a form of distraction during contractions lol!

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Spa music was nice in early stages, nothing in active labor would have helped

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I'm a music therapist so I made different CD's for different purposes: relaxing, energizing, music to bring me and DH together. I planned on having my daughter born to a certain piece of music, but I honestly forgot to have anyone start it.

With my son, I made a relaxing CD and ended up wanting more intense music to breathe through.

I agree with everyone that you won't know what you'll like, so it's good to have options.

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My DH is a musician and a big music nerd. He spent hours and hours making the "perfect" playlist for me and all I wanted was silence. I felt bad, but honestly, I couldn't focus with the music on.