My natural birth story (xp)

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My natural birth story (xp)

Olivia Grace
Born June 24, 2010 at 2:33pm
7 pounds 3.8 ounces, 20 inches

I guess the story begins around June 16th. I had a doctor’s appt that morning and was told I was 3cm and baby was low. I had a membrane sweep and was sure that Olivia was on her way in the next couple of days. 2 days later I had bloody show and again was sure labor was on the way. By the next appt the following Wednesday I was discouraged that nothing had happened. I saw the other doctor and he told me flatly that “nothing was happening” and to make an appt for next week. I was crushed because my mom had flown out and I really thought we would have already had a baby by that day. So my mom and DH and I decided that afternoon to go to the mall and walk. I wasn’t feeling anything happening except a few minor contractions here and there. We were waiting for Sofia to get off of the carousel when I felt a trickle come out. I said to my mom that I thought I might have peed a little or maybe my water just broke. About 15 seconds later there was no doubt as a gush of water soaked my pants and was running down my legs. We realized what happened and looked quickly for the nearest restroom. Holding a bag in front of me and my mom behind me, we made a break for it. Unfortunately we were laughing quite hard the whole way which made even more water come out…but it was just too funny and such a public place to be in when it happened. After getting cleaned up, we left the mall and I called my doula. She arrived at our house about an hour later. Both DH and I showered and tried to calm our nerves knowing this was now finally “it”. The doula came and I still felt okay. We went for a long walk around our neighborhood and then still I was not feeling much labor. Contractions were coming but as soon as I’d sit down, they would stop. So I kept on my feet walking and swaying and doing squats and yoga positions and still nothing was happening. After several hours of this, we were all exhausted. It was midnight and I’d been walking since 2:30 in the afternoon. I knew I needed to rest or I would be too tired for labor. My doula suggested that we all go to bed (she lives very close by) and get some rest and if by 6am nothing was happening, we go to the hospital for an induction. It felt good to get to bed and most of the night I did get some rest although I was getting concerned about what labor was going to be like with an induction. 6am rolled around and we headed in. It was shift change so we had to wait a bit for the nurse who was taking care of me to get pitocin started. About 8am things were in full swing. They started off with a low dose and then every ½ hour doubled it. By 12pm my contractions were getting very uncomfortable. They were coming every 2 minutes like clockwork. My pain level was about a 5 and when I got checked I was 4-5 cm. So DH left to pick up lunch for him and the doula. By the time he got back I was in very intense pain and moaning a lot to get thru the contractions that were coming now one on top of the other. As soon as one would end I had about 15 seconds and another one would start. I told my doula to please have them turn off the pitocin but it had only been about ½ hour since I was just 4-5 cm and she was concerned that if contractions stalled, we’d have to start all over and encouraged me to try to get thru “just one more” contraction. I knew this wasn’t normal to be in such pain and have no break in between contractions but I listened to her and soon I was really moaning a lot and needing lots of encouragement from her to get thru each one. She was really helpful in keeping me from losing control – which I felt like I was getting close. I begged DH to help me and said over and over that I couldn’t do it. And then all of a sudden my body started pushing. It was completely involuntary and I couldn’t have stopped it if I wanted to. I yelled that I was pushing and my doula ran to get a nurse. She came in and said I was complete and ready to deliver. This was 1 hour from being 4-5 cm. Everything happened very quickly and I’m positive it was because they kept the pitocin on even when I begged to have it shut off or slowed down. I’m still a little upset that no one listened to me. I knew it was going too fast. I went thru the worst hour but now I knew that my baby was coming and it was a relief to push. They got the doctor there and set everything up. I got to have pedals to push my feet on and that was much more comfortable than the stirrups. It gave me a little more power in the pushing. So I pushed for about 45 minutes and the worst part was the doctor pulling me apart to make room for the baby. She said that the baby’s shoulders were big and I had a small opening so she was trying to avoid an episiotomy. That hurt a lot and then I felt the ring of fire. It wasn’t long before her head was out. She had the cord wrapped 2 times around her neck so I had to wait to deliver her shoulders. With one or two more pushes she was out and it felt amazing! What a relief! I did tear along the same tear I had with Sofia and again I had a hemorrhage that was a little scary. Because of this, they had to work on me and I wasn’t able to do immediate skin to skin with the baby. They took her to clean her up. She barely made a sound and I kept asking if she was okay. She was very alert and just looking around – something I’ve heard non medicated babies do. After getting stitched up and almost an hour after she was born, they brought her back to me. She nursed right away and most of the painful memories of the last few hours were already dwindling away. I was so in love with her instantly! It’s amazing how that happens. The first night I felt about the same as with Sofia…sore and tired but over the next couple of days I couldn’t believe how GOOD I felt! I did have my tubes tied the day after the birth and actually that was what I spent this last week “recovering” from. As far as the birth pain, I feel amazing and just can’t believe it. It took literally weeks for me to feel as good as I do now from my last birth and I have to credit the natural birth for it. I’m so thankful it worked out and my doula was incredible. Anyway, so that’s it! Our sweet angel Olivia is here and life is great!

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Hooray for happy birth stories!
Sounds like you had a great doula! And KUDOS to you for making it through an induction without drugs. That takes some willpower, but the rewards are great. Congratulations! Do we get to see pictures?!

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Here she is with her big sister just minutes after she was born...will upload more to photobucket today. Smile

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Congrats! I had the same experience with Pitocin with my first, I wish I would have known I could have them turn it down. Way to work through those contractions Smile


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Congratulations on a great birth!

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Congratulations, she's beautiful!

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Amazing birth story! I've had a similar pitocin experience, it was wonderful that you had so much support and were able to get through it. Thanks for sharing, it gives me hope for this LO.

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Congratulations! TFS your story. Olivia is adorable (so is Sofia).