My Stomach Flu Drama

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My Stomach Flu Drama

On Friday the stomach flu hit my DH. Then, last night it hit the rest of us. It was aweful! At one point I went upstairs to find my 5yo DD sleeping on the top step outside the bathroom, 6yo DS was sleeping with his face on the toilet and my 2yo DS sleeping next to a puddle of puke in his crib. Anyway, setting the scene.

And I had the worst of it. Ick. By 7am I was weak, dehydrated, headachey, shakey and hadn't peed in 8 hours and it didn't look like I was going to soon. So I left DH with the kids and headed in to our local hospital's ER. Our local hospital is a small town hospital. They do not have an OB on staff and they do not deal with anything pregnancy or birth related...which is fine because I was going in for dehydration not early labour.

The doc comes in...a student. She doesn't introduce herself just announces, "I'm going to do an internal exam." Ummm, excuse me?

I explained that I wasn't there for preterm labour, I was there for dehydration. I explained that I'd already birthed 3 babies and knew labour.

I just hate being a pincushion for a doctor's experience. Yes, she's a student and working in our hospital it's likely that she was ecstatic at the thought of getting her hands on a pg woman. But, she didnt' even know how to turn on the doppler to listen to my baby...there was no way I was letting her near my cervix. Crazy.

At any rate, I'm feeling much better after a big old bag of fluids and zofran. And I'm grateful that I am an informed woman who doesn't just bow under pressure. I called my midwife afterwards and she agreed with my assessment that an internal exam was unnecessary in this situation.

Anyway, just venting. Thanks for letting me get it out!

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Good for you for declining!

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Good for you for refusing an internal. Good grief the nerve of the doctor!

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She seriously just walks in and proclaims that she's going to stick her hand all up in your lady business?! Yikes! :eek:

I'm sorry you and your family have been sick. Glad things are on the up and up!

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Yikes! Sounds like an awful bug! Glad that you are on the mend!

I can't believe the doctor thought you should have an internal exam - it was clearly unnecessary - glad you refused it!

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I'm so sorry you and your family have been so sick! I'm glad the fluids and zofran are helping you feel better.

As for that student doctor, that is seriously messed up. Sounds like a good submission for Your cervix had nothing to do with the problem you were there for. And in any case, I hate when doctors announce that they are going to do an internal. How about asking for your permission? Part of why I want to have a homebirth next time is that I hate the way people at hospitals often talk to women. As much as I loved my OB, she was guilty of it, too. I mean, at lease she told me what she was going to do before she did it, but it would be much better if she would have asked if she could. Everything was a statement until "do you want to change possitions to push?" THEN it was a question.

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Vent away!....glad you didn't let her near your cervix jeesh.

How is the rest of the family? I'm sure you already know, but FYI--Zofran can be very constipating. I am happy you are feeling better.

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Wow I would have been upset too. That happened with my son and when I went in they didn't even talk about doing a pelvic. I am so sorry you were sick, but zofran is good stuff. Hugs hun!

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Oh no. I hope the family is getting better. A stomach bug is no fun.

Wow, I can't believe she wanted to invade your personal area for the stomach flu! No rational behind that at all. Good for you for letting her know you were not there as a live learning doll!

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ick. that sounds awful and boo to the suggestion of a pelvic exam. seriously? I can't believe that was even considered on their part! Thankfully you are educated and know that it was not warranted!

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So, I'm wondering if your DH had been the one to go to the hospital, if that same student dr would've walked into the room, snapped on a rubber glove and announced that she was going to stick her finger somewhere he wouldn't have been real happy about. I mean, doing an internal makes about as much sense for dehydration, right? I'm extremely confused about what led her to think that was necessary, but so happy you are informed enough to know your stomach is not close enough to your cervix to use one to check the other Biggrin

Hope you and your family start feeling much, much better.

I pictured the scene from The Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood, where Vivi is woken up by the kids all getting sick and then she steps on a pair of p.j. pants with poo in them and flips out. That would've been me, but I'm sure you handled it way better!!!

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So glad you are feeling better!!!!

Glad you said no.

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Wow Emily, that is like the pregnant version of 'bend over and cough' for guys, how clueless! You'd think the student would at least ask you what was going on instead of assuming!

I am, glad you were able to get some Zofran, at least, and hope the kids are on the mend by now Smile

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Wow, that's ridiculous! Glad you're feeling better.

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That sucks when the whole family gets the pukes at once. Yuck. I'm glad you're feeling better. I had the flu while pg too (not as bad as you though).