NARM considering revising standards for CPM certification
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Thread: NARM considering revising standards for CPM certification

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    Default NARM considering revising standards for CPM certification

    The minimum requirements necessary to become a homebirth midwife in the US are...well, pretty minimal. Some states have tougher requirements for licensure--in WA, midwives have to have been present for at least 100 births to get certified. Although apprenticeship is still an option for midwife training, many aspiring midwives now attend midwifery schools (the Midwife Education Accreditation Commission, MEAC, accredits midwifery schools) that meet most of the requirement changes suggested here. It bothers me that there is likely a very wide range in experience and education among CPMS. I think that we need to raise the bar for midwifery training, and I think there are some good ideas here:

    What do you think?
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    I agree with you. I think the requirements need to be more standardized and strict. I have looked into becoming a CPM and if I did it, I would go to a school. I think this could help with all the licensing issues that states face with CPM licensure.
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    I'm not that educated on the requirements, but knew that our state required the 100 births, etc. Anyway, I do think that have better standard requirements will enhance it in general, including the perception of it.
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    I don't have any experience with CPMs. My midwive is a CNM with her own practice and she only does homebirths. But it sounds good to me, especially in terms of the perception of the public, and gaining more credibility with the medical field. Also, if CPMs were my only option for a homebirth, I would feel pretty strongly about the kind of training they'd had, and how many births they'd attended.

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    If CPM's ever want more states (in the US) to recognize or license them, they pretty much HAVE to do this. It gives them more legitimacy IMO. Only like 20 states recognize the right of a CPM to practice in the first place (I think, from what I remember, anyway). My HBMW is/was a CPM, they are the only option for home birthers in my state.

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