Natural Birth dreams

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Natural Birth dreams

This last week or so, my dreams have all centered around my birth. Not necessarily the actual act of birthing, but more on my labor. I have to laugh that even in these last few weeks, not only is my body gearing up for the huge task ahead, but my subconscious is as well.

Last night I had a dream that I was laboring, had my iPod playing strange 80's songs (this is probably because Dave and I were rockin out in the living room to Billy Joel last night. ROFL) and all I needed was those 80's songs to keep me centered. I'll be honest, I've never actually used anything I planned in advance to keep me going, I have always just kind of done what felt right at the time. Maybe it's a premonition that I need to take my iPod so I can play awesome 80's music when I'm in labor? LOL

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Ha, I actually had some Billy Joel playing during my labor:) (more his mellow 70s stuff, but...)