Natural Birth with Induction?!

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Natural Birth with Induction?!

Soo I know Im not very active here but I do pop in for questions now and then lol.

Feb 2012 mama's: Warning this may ruin my Birth Buddies job a tad lol

I am 36-37wks depending on which OB you ask, I have severe pre-e and its reached a point where we are all agreeing I need to have this munchkin.

The Plan: I am schedualed to start induction on Sunday with a Foley Bulb. The hope is that forcing my cervix to open will push my body into labor. I will have an ultrasound to see his position [I have LOADS of extra fluid so he flip flops from breech to head down lots] if he is breech we will try and turn him; that works the bulb will be placed and we wait until Monday to see what happens.

If it works or doesnt: Ultrasound to see position again, if he is still head down, break my water while "holding" him in place. If he isnt flip again and do the before mentioned.

If Im already in labor from Foley sweet the water breaking will just aid things along and we go about our day.

If not the hope is I go into labor due to the combo of a stretched cervix and broken waters.

I have a doula and she has been very helpful but I am her first ever Birth since passing her test so Im like a trial run lol I want to have as natural of a birth as possible, I caved after 20hrs on pit and got an epi with my first [only took on one side for 2 hours blek] My favorite OB is fighting FOR me to get the birth I want but I know even the best of OBs & nurses can be drug pushy sometimes. And I dont like pain, but I know how amazing a natural birth could be.

Any advice?! Anyone been through this? Anything?! Lol

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Generally, with pre-e your body is quite ready & willing to expel the baby so induction generally goes very well, better than standard induction. And Foley is a great way to get started! If you have a lot of fluid, you might want to ask your provider about drawing off some fluid when baby is in a good position. There's a slight risk that your water might break but removing some of the fluid can help keep baby in a good position.

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I don't have any advice since I've never been in that kind of situation, but I just wanted to wish you the best of luck and hope that everything goes even better than planned!! KUP on everything!


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Your plan sounds great for a natural birth. I think the only thing that might steer you away from NCB is having to have pitocin. It's absolutely terrible and makes your contractions horrible. This is what caused me to give in to an epi, because they all but forced me to have the pic at my induction and I just couldn't take it anymore. Good luck with everything, it sounds like your OB has everything planned very well for you!

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It sounds to me like you're doing everything you can to make this work the way you want it to, and you have a good chance! Good luck...and by the way, NCB with pitocin CAN be done--my mom had me that way. I don't know how long her labor was exactly, but it wasn't short. Also, your second kid often goes faster, so even if you end up on pitocin, it might be a short enough labor that you can handle it--if you made it through 20 hours last time already! My NCB was 24 with no pit and I was exhausted--I think 20 hours on pitocin means you can handle quite a lot, lady.

Good luck!

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My SIL just recently had a pit induction and did it completely med-free. Granted, she only had contractions for 5 hours (lucky her!), but it can be done!

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I have a friend who was induced and still had a natural birth, and it was a VBAC. She said the contractions were more intense than with her first, but she could still handle it. I think at some point when she was well into labor they just turned off the pit because her body was doing it on its own by that point anyway. So maybe you can do the same and ask them to turn off the pit once you are well on your way.