Natural birth videos appropriate for little kids?

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Natural birth videos appropriate for little kids?

Any suggestions? We aren't planning on having DS present for the actual birth, but it could end up happening, or he might witness some of the more intense parts of the labor if not the actual birth. He has been asking questions about how the baby will come out of my tummy and when we visited the birth center last week, he heard women screaming and moaning so now I think he is really wondering what the heck happens when we go to the birth center for his baby brother to be born! I'd like to show him a video or something, but I'd like to find a milder one that isn't too graphic and is relatively calm.

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I highly recommend "The Business of Being Born." I was lucky enough to be at the S.F. premiere with a packed crowd of NCB enthusiasts. Blum 3 I came home raving to DH about how great it was, so we rented it as soon as it was available. Tiven always asks about the movies, what's it called, what's it about, and when she heard this was about babies being born, she wanted to watch it. At the time, we were TTC and knew we would plan a homebirth, so it seemed like a good idea to let her watch some of it. It has about a dozen births, all very decent & appropriate for even young kids IMHO. We fast-forwarded through all the talking parts and Tiven cheered when each baby was born. And then at the end, when Abby has a c-section, we talked about how that was how Tiven was born, too.

Also, if you Google "home birth videos for kids" you'll find a lot of YouTube links and message boards with links to online videos. I haven't watched most of them for lack of time & speedy internet (we called it Dinosaur Dialup) so I can't offer specific good ones, but it's a good start.

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Oh I'll try to find the ones I dug up for my kids... They were great. Short, calm, not too graphic, etc...

ETA Here is the link to a blog with a bunch.

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I watch birth vids with my 4 year old all the time. I just youtube search waterbirths, which tend to be less graphic, due to underwater. And I turn the volume down mostly. I make sure she can hear a bit of the vocalizations, but not at a loud level. There's TONS.