Natural Miscarriage?

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Natural Miscarriage?

I am (was) just shy of 10 weeks pregnant. Yesterday I went to see my midwife because of some light pink spotting. Long story short, one of the OBs did an ultrasound, and found that there was no longer a heartbeat and the baby was only measuring 8ish weeks.
I was offered a D&C, aa well as medication to induce a miscarriage, which I declined. I'm being "given" two weeks to allow the miscarriage to happen on its own, and I'm really struggling. I want to honor this baby with a gentle end, just like I would have in birth. In birth I would not use medication or surgery just because. And yet, I'm really struggling with the waiting. My understanding is that it will be a long, hard process, and that I will be able to see the baby. The surgical alternative, however, is even more devastating to me. M

Does anyone have any experience with allowing a miscarriage to unfold naturally?

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I had a natural m/c a few years ago. I was about 8 weeks along, but baby was smaller... closer to 7 weeks. I went in because I started spotting, and that's when they found no hb. They told me that because I was spotting, my body was already aware that things were not right and I should be able to pass everything naturally. It took about a week of spotting before things really started.

I hope this passes quickly for you so you can take time to heal. So sorry for your loss.

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Sorry you have to deal with this Sad

I found out at my 12 week U/S that fetal demise occurred at 8 weeks. I wanted a D&C right away but they wanted to have me try to have a natural m/c so they scheduled it for 1.5 weeks later. At 13 weeks, I had my m/c. For me, I had contractions 1 minute long every 4 minutes for 4 hours. The pain was pretty close to when I was actually in labour except in labour mu contractions were closer. I did experience the relief when it was over similar to after labour when the pain is over and I felt great.

5 days later I had severe hemmoraging and had to have an emergency D&C to stop the bleeding. I was bleeding through a heavy pad in less than 5 min. I had leftover product of conception which is apparently common in missed m/c.

For me, I had trouble moving on with daily life until I felt it was over. I found waiting the 7 days hard. The nurses at the loss clinic were pushing me to wait it out but also said it could be a few more weeks. However the doctors said the later it happens, the more likely you are to have an incomplete m/c and need a d&c anyways.

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I should add that during my m/c there was lots of blood but I never saw the baby. I don't know if that's because it was incomplete or if there was so much blood I just didnt.

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I am so sorry for your loss.

I think I would that the medication to induce the miscarriage. I do think it is better to not have a d&c, unless necessary. The cramping will be painful and hopefully they could give you something to take.

You may be able to see the baby, but not everyone can. I think it partially depends on how quickly it passes and the gestation the baby stopped growing.

Hoping it all goes easily for you...

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I'm so sorry for your loss.

When I m/c I was about 6-7 weeks along and it was very painful. I think if I would have been offered meds I would have declined too, however, if it ever happened again I think I would take them. I experienced quiet a bit of pain, like contractions, as well as heavy bleeding and I saw something, although I can't be certain what it was.

T&P for you as you go through this difficult time.

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We went through one in May of this year. I didn't want a D&C and I didn't want to wait 3 weeks again for it to happen on its own.

I use a natraul product for my menstral cramps which specifically states DO NOT USE WHEN PREGNANT. it causes the uterus to contract. I rubbed some on my stomach and the next day it started. I continured to use it daily and I was done all bleeding by the 5th day.

Its called Moon Cycle 2 and you get it at saje.

All the best to you.

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Couldn't you also try herbals like black/blue cohosh, vitex, red raspberry?

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Very sorry for your loss.

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I'm very sorry for your loss as well. M/C are so hard.

I had two natural m/c's, but both were VERY early--5 weeks--so I did not see the baby and once the spotting started, it only took a day for the real m/c to begin. Both were very painful, although not as bad or nearly as long as actual labor, of course (at least not mine). In your position I think I would agree with delaying on a D&C unless it becomes necessary, but I might try some herbal or other more gentle methods to encourage things to begin, if it was taking more than a day or two.

But it's a very personal choice!

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very sorry for your loss

I had a natural m/c last year. I didn't actually m/c until 14 weeks even though baby had stopped growing at 8W. I never saw the baby. Starting at 13W, I had spotting that increased over several days. Eventually the miscarriage occured in the middle of the night. It was painful but fast. DH was there to help me through it.

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:bigarmhug: So sorry you have to go through this.

In January I miscarried around 10 weeks also and opted for it to happen naturally. I had an increase in bleeding over a week and an hour of minor cramping and that was it. Not a lot of tissue passed and my midwife suggested it could have been a blighted ovum.

As hard as it is let yourself mourn properly, I've been struggling with that.


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I'm so sorry for your loss.

I had a natural m/c a couple years ago. It happened around 8w, and it was painful. I wouldnt say super unbearable, but it was definitely like bad period cramps. For me it lasted less than a day, though the spotting was consistent for a few days before the actual m/c, and got heavier each day. I did see something, I'm pretty sure it was the baby. I took a silent moment, and then kept on with my day. It was very difficult though. Lean on friends and family in this time for support.

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Thank you for all of your replies. I was really struggling between wanting things to unfold "naturally", and wanting to just get it over with.

I ended up miscarrying on my own, beginning a week after I found out that the baby had died. I would have been just shy of 11 weeks. The baby measured perfectly at our ultrasound...7 weeks, 2 days, with a strong heartbeat. But, the ultrasound when I "found out" showed that the baby was only measuring 8ish weeks.

The miscarriage took over 7 hours. It wasn't physically menstrual cramps. But there was a lot of blood, and I passed about 20-30 large clots...ranging in size from a strawberry to an orange. By the end, I was feeling pretty out of it. Felt like I was going to pass out. So, we headed to the hospital in the middle of the night. I was pumped full of fluids to compensate for blood loss, and ended up having a D&C that afternoon (my 35th birthday!), because the uterine wall was still really thick, and there were fragments remaining that continued to have blood flow.

I apologize for posting all this on this board. I know I'm not very active around here anymore (as my youngest is 4), but this is where I find the most support in my beliefs about birth. Although this wasn't birth-related, I still needed to hear from some natural-minded mamas...especially at a time when things weren't unfolding normally.

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I've never been through this personally, but I just wanted to send some T&P your way... I'm so sorry for your loss.

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:bigarmhug: So sorry for your loss Sad Thoughts and prayers are with you!