Natural mood stabilizer during pregnancy

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Natural mood stabilizer during pregnancy

This go 'round is crazy compared to my pregnancy with my son. Sure I had ups and downs with him, but with this baby, some days are a roller coaster ride all day long! Today for example, it's mothers day, and all I really want to do is cry, but I have no idea why. My husband even cleaned the house for me, I should be happy! Is there anything natural that is safe to take during pregnancy?

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I'm not sure about anything natural. I am on regular meds and still struggle with anxiety attacks while pg.

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Not really sure for lows. Rescue remedy is probably your best option. I use it for anxiety while pg and it sometimes works.

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I've used rescue remedy in the past, it doesn't always work for me though, depends on what's going on with me. I am not sure what the ingredients are either. I'm currently an emotional roller coaster too - but I haven't had any major anxiety or depression during pregnancy so I am not taking anything.

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I 2nd the resuce remedy suggestion although that's more for a sudden burst of emotions or fright, it can still help calm you. There is supplement called EMPower Plus (aka CNE) by a company called True Hope that is also very effective. My Chrio who is also a TCM practioner introduced it to me roughly 5yrs ago & I found it helpful during my last two pregnancies & pp times. Omega oils and calcium (w/ a zinc, vit D combo) are also good to take.

If your a loose leaf tea kinda girl I have a few mixes that I can share with you as well.


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Some people find that cutting out processed sugars helps, along with eating something with protein each hour. Also, incorporating 20 minutes of exercise three times daily (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) can help by raising serotonin levels and evening out body chemistry. The sun is very important for that whole process, too, so exercising outside is much better than exercising indoors. Try lavender essential oil dabbed on a handkerchief or under your nose/on your temples and also downloading the Hypnobabies "Relax Me" track (it's free). Also, some women find that increasing the amount of fresh raw produce they eat makes a considerable difference. All of the vitamins from the sun can work wonders.