Nearing an end...

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Nearing an end...

I know this isn't a breastfeeding board, but I never post there and just wanted to share with someone.

My son, who turned 2 in September, hasn't nursed for around 36 hours now. I was kind of hoping for a little break with breastfeeding before the new baby arrives as I've been nursing one or both children since 2006, but it's bittersweet all the same.

I'm even feeling a little weepy thinking that he may be done... Sad

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Awww, Sad maybe it's just a break? I'm in the same boat with V. Though she often goes days without then asks again. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before I realize it's been weeks and she hasn't asked. It is bittersweet.

I think it's okay to cry a bit. I've sure shed a few tears over it.

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We've sort of been going through something similar over here. Since my milk changed (around a month ago), he's been less and less interested in nursing. Sometimes he even says he doesn't like it. He's been sick this past week though, and has been nursing more...I think it's mostly for the cuddle time though, since that's normally our routine...we've rarely even cuddled or snuggled without boob.

It makes me really sad to think that he might wean though. It's just such a part of our lives and our relationship that I don't want to lose it. And honestly, I'm hoping to have a nursing preschooler when the new baby arrives to help out with the engorgement. (When Jesse was born, I got so badly engorged that it looked like my boob skin was stretched out over a bundle of grapes.)

I keep telling myself though that sometimes toddlers/preschoolers will wean during pregnancy and then pick it back up once you milk comes in after the new baby arrives. I've known it to happen!

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DD went a week without nursing about a month ago before my colostrum started to come in, and i was so distraught about her forgetting how to nurse (since i want to be able to tandem nurse, an efficient toddler is way better than a pump for engorgement, and a boob to induce a toddler nap may be a lifesaver with a newb) that a friend from LLL shared her milk a few times. Then my colostrum came in! DD rarely asks to nurse at all, but i offer at bedtime everynight because she actually seems to LIKE the colostrum (over the nothing she got for 6 weeks when the milk ran away) and she always nurses.... for a minute. so, even with a week break with no nursing, she now nurses once a day, and sometimes just once every other day, but i'm happy knowing she hasnt forgotten how!

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Big hugs to you mamas.

There were a lot of things that tandem nursing made easier last time (easy naps for the toddler, no engorgement, toddler still had that special mommy time). I did feel a little overwhelmed sometimes, especially with nursing them both at the same time (I had to do it separately because it drove me so crazy!). At times I've been feeling a little ready for him to be done nursing, but it has such mixed emotions!

He did nurse yesterday when he woke up from his nap, but he has pretty much cut out the early morning booby and the bedtime booby all by himself.

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I was shattered when ds self weaned at 15-16 months, I wasn't ready. I think it's completely normal to feel sad, even if you wanted the small break :bighug:

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Tiven nursed for almost 4 years, and I still felt a little weepy when we were done. She'd never had a nursing strike, so when I realized it had been a few days I knew it was over.

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:bighug: It's normal to feel sad. I got pregnant with #2 and now #3 while BFing and both my boys gave up nursing when I hit 2 months pregnant. It was so hard the first time. I was open to tandem nursing when #2 came and didn't feel at all ready for #1 to stop.