In need of postpartum advice

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In need of postpartum advice

I'm 8 days postpartum, and for the past two days I have been having this weird crampy/achey type feeling in my lower abdomen, starting at my belly button area and below. It's sort of a constant thing. It's not unbearable by any stretch of the imagination. It's just like mild period cramps, but constant, especially when I'm up and moving around. My bleeding is like a moderate period day, still red but a brownish red color. I do not have a fever. When I press on my uterus area, it does not hurt. I'm still perplexed by this. I've asked my MW and she said that if I don't have a fever and my bleeding is fine then it could be that I pulled something. I just don't know. Should my cramping be sort of constant like this? Like I said, I wouldn't call it painful, but it's just there enough that I notice it if that makes any sense.

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Could be after pains. Or maybe your muscles are feeling sore and overused.

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It just sounds like your uterus going back. I'm sure as long as the cramps are mild and there's no increase in blood and no fever and appetite is ok, etc., then it's probably just your body adjusting. But definitely keep a close eye on it and keep in contact with your MW if you feel not right still.

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Sounds pretty normal. Afterpains get worse with each baby so you might not have even noticed it after #1, I don't remember them being too bad after #2 but definitely noticable and after #3 I felt like I was in labor again. If they get worse a tip my midwife told me was to lay on my belly and it actually did help some, along with not forgetting to take ibprofen when I could. As long as there are no 'warning signs' like increased red bleeding or fever I'd assume they are probably afterpains.

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Sounds like afterpains. Have you ever considered belly binding? Get yourself a big ol ace bandage and wrap it round and round your midsection tightly. THe pressure on your uterus and support will feel good-- promise.


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Ditto what Audra said! Bind your belly and take it easy - nursing and stretching/activity can trigger afterpains and aches down there, a muscle relaxer and some counter pressure on your abdomen will help immensely Smile

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I had actually been binding my belly, started a few hours after she was born. Then the other day we had a diaper blow out and it soaked through my shirt onto my binder and I was slack about getting it washed. I washed it last night and put it on again today and I'm feeling a lot better. Shoulda bought 2 binders I guess.