Need some advice from some Natural Mommas ;)
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Thread: Need some advice from some Natural Mommas ;)

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    Default Need some advice from some Natural Mommas ;)

    DH and I had hoped to have a mostly natural birth. We've been researching and reading about the Bradley method and felt like we were all ready to go. Then I started having problems with my blood pressure... Due to my BP and my family history of pre-eclampsia and IUGR (growth restriction) our dr suggested that it might be best to induce on Wednesday. I'll be 37w6d on thursday when he *should* come. This we have already decided on and we aren't trying to change (but don't think that decision came lightly or that I'm not having a hard time accepting my lack of spontaneous labor and delivery)...

    What I am hoping to gain from you ladies is what some better options are as far as the induction goes. On friday I was very soft (have been since I was last checked at 29w when I was having a lot of BH) and was only a fingertip dilated. We go in Wednesday at 5pm and they are going to start me on the cervadil. She said they will take it out after 12 hours and check me. If I still haven't progressed enough they'll likely try another round of the cervadil. Dr F said she usually sees the best results right around 18 hours of the cervadil. So after the cervadil I'm assuming they are planning to start pitocin. Are there other options we can try to help things along? Would it be better at that point to request to have them break my water? I had a maternity massage yesterday where they worked on pressure points (plus I've been working on the pressure points at home) with no luck... I'm planning to be up and walking and moving as much as I can after the cervadil goes in to try and help things along...

    Any other suggestions of things to try? I know you can try nipple stimulation... should this be done a certain way? Anything you guys can give me would be greatly appreciated... I'm running out of time and want to feel like I'm doing everything I can and making the best decisions possible, kwim??

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    No real advice, but I wanted to offer some encouragement. With DS1 I was induced after my water broke. I wasn't having any labor contractions (just completely painless BH) and was 1cm, 50%, and very soft. They used pit straight away with me and I fully dilated in 5 hours. So, if your cervix is ready, even if it's not very dialted, things can go just fine.

    You could talk with your doc about nipple stim. Maybe they'll let you try that before pit? It's supposed to work pretty well. I tried it briefly with DS1 because I was curious whether it worked and it gave me contractions almost immediately. I didn't follow through becuase it kind of scared me. so they stopped. I'd probably try it before doing pit again, if I had to be induced.

    Good luck!
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    A couple of things you might consider... AROM is a nice way to jump start contrax into a good pattern, but if babe isn't nice and low it can be dangerous (due to cord prolapse). Also, it puts you on a clock... most hospitals have a policy of 24 hours after water breaking to get babe out. This means that if labour doesnt start, your risk of cesarean goes WAY up.

    Nip stimulation can be good - can't hurt to try anyway. I've seen it be very productive. Get a good pump and do 15-20 mins at a time, once an hour.

    You could also look into blue and black cohosh as an herbal inducer.

    'Natural' inductions are tricky because unless everything is really favorable, it's a gamble as to how well it will work.
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    You could try a Foley Bulb instead of the cervadil. That will naturally dialate your cervix instead of using proglatalins. It really does the same thing though and a lot of docs don't do them anymore. I was going to say what Manda said so that isn't very helpful.

    How high is your blood pressure? Do they have you on any medication? Does your doc suspect that your baby has IUGR? I am just curious. Feel free to ignore me if you want. Best of luck to you!
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    I have some advice on pitocin--make sure they start it at a very low dose and slowly increase it because it makes the pattern more like spontaneous labor and makes it less likely to cause fetal distress. I've heard you can actually have them turn it off and try letting your body take over once you start actively dilating, but most hospitals probably don't like the idea. You have to be continuously monitored on pitocin, but it doesn't mean you have to lie down--you can still use lots of positions while on the monitor. Find out if your hospital offers telemetry monitoring, which makes it possible for you to walk around while still being monitored--the hospital where I had my induction with DD had this and I was even able to get in the tub with the monitors on. Having had both a pit induction where the pit was slowly increased (and I got an epidural at about 3 1/2 cm) and a spontaneous birth, I can tell you that the feeling of the contractions was not much different, though they may have gotten closer together faster and were harder to cope with being in the hospital the whole time (and I wasn't anywhere near as prepared the first time as the second, which made a huge difference, too). Good luck! You can do it--don't let the talk about induction being harder scare you. That is what happened to me, and so much of labor is mental. Oh, and another thing, try to get plenty of rest before the induction, and when the cervadil is in, sleep if you aren't having contractions yet--lack of sleep is one of the reasons my induction was so difficult (it's a very long story, and I won't go into it here, but trust me, you need your rest).
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    Just thought I'd throw in my 2 cents since our situations are similar. I had issues with my BP throughout the pregnancy and then toward the end, my fluid was borderline low. At 37+5, I went for my OB appointment and he measured my fluid and it was 3.8. Fluid level of 5 is where they like to start inducing, so I ended up going to the hospital for an induction that day.

    My cervix was really unfavorable. I was maybe 1cm dilated, still thick, high, posterior. And anyway, they started me with the foley bulb that a PP mentioned. I would do it again under the same circumstances, if I needed cervix ripening. Unlike the cervadil, it only took an hour or two to work, and it doesn't use medication. They basically insert a balloon into your cervix and inflate it with water. When it falls out on its own, that means it's done its job. They used it in addition to a very low dose of pitocin (it didn't cause any contractions that I could feel) and when it was done, I had dilated to 4cm.

    At that point, they broke my water and started to slowly increase the pitocin dosage. I ended up getting an epidural just because I'm a wimp, but I was actually handling the contractions really well. I still question why I got the epidural... It was inserted about 2 hours before he was born when I was at about 6cm (I think), and I wasn't in that bad of pain. It all comes down to me not being able to get past the fear of the pain. But seriously... It totally would've been doable for someone who had prepared a little better for a more natural birth. The worst pain I had was seriously when they broke my water, and it was just because my cervix was still so posterior that they had to go digging for it.

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    You may want to talk to someone who specializes in herbal inductions. Evening Primrose Oil (a little squirt on your cervix once or twice a day), getting down and dirty with the hubby, cohosh (black and blue) and other things can be really effective under the right circumstances. (as pp said)

    As another PP said, please make sure they go low and slow for the pit if you happen to go that route. I got bullied into a triple does and it was more like firing a cannon than giving birth... bad juju that! The only positive, I never had time to wuss out on induction contractions! She was literally 0cm to birth in 10 mins.

    Otherwise, wish you tons of luck, and hope you get through it as calmly and naturally as you hope for!
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