New BFP, hopefully having a natural birth!

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New BFP, hopefully having a natural birth!

Hello! I just got my BFP and plan on a my first natural a hospital. My husband is not comfortable at home and Kaiser is really good with natural birth.

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A little bit about my other two births.

My son, 2007, was induced at 39w3d because of severe sciatica...I couldn't walk at all. (Years later and I know I could have done exercises to realize it but I was clueless my first time around.) My labor and delivery was about 11 hours. Fairly uneventful, I did bleed A LOT after I delivered him. I believe that was because the resident yanked on the cord to get the placenta out....the placenta came out in pieces! I ended up having to go back into the hospital 8 weeks later for excessive bleeding. I still had a piece of the placenta in my uterus!

My daughter, 2010, was, again, induced. I was in prodromal labor for DAYS and was getting impatient. Her labor lasted about 4 hours. (well, not even that because it took them an hour to get the pit gong after I got to the hospital) Her's was a perfect labor and delivery, no complications at all.

With this birth I would love a completely natural birth. Like I said above my husband is not comfortable with a homebirth so I need to be able to stay strong for myself with a natural birth. DH isn't someone to really stick up for me during stands in the corner clueless. Biggrin

I would love to hire a doula, but they are just so expensive where we live!

So, there's a back story. Smile Thanks for reading!

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I'm the Nana around here. Interesting how things evolve by the third time around! Best wishes for your natural birth. I hope DH is supportive in general. Maybe he could read up on things along with you. If not, it would be good to have an understanding friend to play that role.

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I had a natural birth after 2 epidural (augmented first birth, cervidel induction second birth) It's totally possible. Good luck and I look forward to following your lodge. Also, you might want to look into hiring a student doula, sometimes they will go to births for free as part of their training. Either that or look for a doula with a sliding fee scale. I had a doula for the birth of my 3rd and I found it helpful. It was a home birth with midwives, but I think she would have been even more helpful had I been at the hospital and had to advocate for myself or defend my choices.

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Hi, congrats on #3! I hope you are able to have a natural birth this time around! Kristin has a great idea about a student doula!